Bachelorarbeit BCLR-0154

Pickl, Sebastian: Augmented Reality for Order Picking Using Wearable Computers with Head-Mounted Displays.
Universität Stuttgart, Fakultät Informatik, Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik, Bachelorarbeit Nr. 154 (2014).
64 Seiten, englisch.
CR-Klassif.H.5.2 (Information Interfaces and Presentation User Interfaces)

Order picking - the task of assembling orders in a warehouse is still the biggest expenditure in modern warehouses, therefore it is worth it focusing new research on the improvement of technologies and strategies which support this task. The recent development and the enhanced availability of head-mounted displays (HMDs) prompts further research regarding HMDs as a supporting technology for industrial applications. Based on research in related topics and the precise analysis of the use case we composed a concept for a system that supports the order picking process with the use of HMDs. In order to evaluate the concept a prototype that implemented the features of the concept, was built. The range of functionalities contains real time visual user guiding, visual task support, context and much more important step awareness that exempts the user from additional work steps and instant feedback in case of wrong actions of the user which enables direct reaction to errors. Tough a comparative user study, we compared the prototype with two traditional order picking methods and another order picking support system that uses projections for user guiding. The results show, that our prototype shows the lowest occurrence of long therm errors with the downside of a higher task completion time. However the study proved that the concept is worth being taken into consideration and be improved in further research.

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Abteilung(en)Universität Stuttgart, Institut für Visualisierung und Interaktive Systeme, Visualisierung und Interaktive Systeme
BetreuerFunk, Markus; Mayer, Sven; Lischke, Lars
Eingabedatum1. Dezember 2014
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