Bachelorarbeit BCLR-2020-53

Meyer, Luca: A collaborative pattern writing platform.
Universität Stuttgart, Fakultät Informatik, Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik, Bachelorarbeit Nr. 53 (2020).
82 Seiten, englisch.

Nowadays, two types of approaches are used to formulate and publish patterns. On the one hand, patterns are formulated by a group of authors and are published in a printed medium. Hence no feedback is provided outside of the author group unless they approach other authors. Also, the printed patterns cannot be edited unless a reworked version of the printed medium is published. On the other hand, patterns are formulated as well as published on online platforms. These pattern platforms offer collaborative mechanism to enable a community-based pattern formulation. All of the existing ones focus on specific domains and do not support the concept of maturing patterns. Hence, this thesis covers a concept for a collaborative formulation platform for maturing patterns, which supports multiple pattern languages. The concept introduces a pattern maturing process, along with a set of collaborative mechanisms to enable it. Furthermore, a role and permission model is presented to support different user requirements for the platform and prevent misusage of it. As part of this thesis, a prototype with the introduced concepts was implemented.

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Abteilung(en)Universität Stuttgart, Institut für Architektur von Anwendungssystemen
BetreuerLeymann, Prof. Frank; Weigold, Manuela
Eingabedatum18. Januar 2021
   Publ. Institut   Publ. Informatik