Beitrag in Buch INBOOK-2013-02

Radeschütz, Sylvia; Schwarz, Holger; Vrhovnik, Marko; Mitschang, Bernhard: A Combination Framework for Exploiting the Symbiotic Aspects of Process and Operational Data in Business Process Optimization.
In: Information Reuse and Integration in Academia and Industry.
Universität Stuttgart, Fakultät Informatik, Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik.
S. 29-49, deutsch.
Springer, September 2013.
Beitrag in Buch.
CR-Klassif.H.2 (Database Management)

A profound analysis of all relevant business data in a company is necessary for optimizing business processes effectively. Current analyses typically run either on business process execution data or on operational business data. Correlations among the separate data sets have to be found manually under big effort. However, to achieve a more informative analysis and to fully optimize a company's business, an efficient consolidation of all major data sources is indispensable. Recent matching algorithms are insufficient for this task since they are restricted either to schema or to process matching. We present a new matching framework to (semi-)automatically combine process data models and operational data models for performing such a profound business analysis. We describe the algorithms and basic matching rules underlying this approach as well as an experimental study that shows the achieved high recall and precision.

Abteilung(en)Universität Stuttgart, Institut für Parallele und Verteilte Systeme, Anwendersoftware
Eingabedatum15. November 2013
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