Artikel in Tagungsband INPROC-2009-15

Bitsaki, Marina; Danylevych, Olha; van den Heuvel, Willem-Jan; Koutras, George D.; Leymann, Frank; Mancioppi, Michele; Nikolaou, Christos N.; Papazoglou, Mike P.: Model Transformations to Leverage Service Networks.
In: ICSOC workshop proceedings, WESOA 2008.
Universität Stuttgart, Fakultät Informatik, Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik.
Springer, März 2009.
Artikel in Tagungsband (Workshop-Beitrag).
CR-Klassif.H.4.1 (Office Automation)
Keywordsservice networks, SOC, BPMN, business process managemen

The Internet has catered for the transformation of traditional “stovepiped” service companies into global service networks fostering co-production of value to more effectively and efficiently satisfy the ever-growing demands of mundane customers. The catalyst of this change is the happenstance of Service Oriented Computing, providing a natural distributed computing technology paradigm for implementing and evolving such highly distributed networks of autonomous trading partners with coordinate and cooperative actions. However, how to faithfully (re-)map service networks, including value flows and inter-party interactions, to business processes and service realizations and vice-versa is still partly terra incognita. In this paper, we introduce a semi-automatic model transformation approach for creating the abstract business processes that take place between trading partners from models representing the service networks, assuming extremely limited human-involvement focused on selecting reusable transformation patterns. This approach is explored and validated using a realistic case study reflecting best practices in the telecommunications industry.

Abteilung(en)Universität Stuttgart, Institut für Architektur von Anwendungssystemen
Eingabedatum6. Februar 2009
   Publ. Institut   Publ. Informatik