Article in Proceedings INPROC-2012-48

BibliographyKearney, Paul J.; Sinclair, David A.; Wagner, Sebastian: Security Design Patterns in the MASTER Workbench.
In: Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Cyberpatterns: Unifying Design Patterns with Security, Attack and Forensic Patterns.
University of Stuttgart, Faculty of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Information Technology.
pp. 65-69, english.
Abingdon, UK: Oxford Brookes University, July 9, 2012.
Article in Proceedings (Workshop Paper).
CorporationOxford Brookes University
CR-SchemaH.4.1 (Office Automation)
Keywordsbusiness process; design pattern; model-driven design; security

This paper describes pattern-related aspects of the prototype Protection and Assessment Workbench developed as part of the MASTER EU 7th Framework collaborative research project. The Workbench supports a model-driven design process within the overall MASTER methodology. It includes a Protection and Regulatory Model (PRM) tool that is a step towards turning the Workbench into an ‘organisational memory’ for design practices that accumulates and improves over time. PRMs are essentially control process design patterns that incorporate proven strategies in a re-usable form, saving time and improving quality and consistency.

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Department(s)University of Stuttgart, Institute of Architecture of Application Systems
Entry dateNovember 19, 2012
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