Article in Proceedings INPROC-2014-27

BibliographyGómez Sáez, Santiago; Andrikopoulos, Vasilios; Leymann, Frank; Strauch, Steve: Towards Dynamic Application Distribution Support for Performance Optimization in the Cloud.
In: Proceedings of the 7th IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing (IEEE CLOUD 2014); Alaska, USA, June 27 - July 2, 2014.
University of Stuttgart, Faculty of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Information Technology.
pp. 248-255, english.
IEEE Computer Society, June 27, 2014.
Article in Proceedings (Conference Paper).
CR-SchemaD.2.11 (Software Engineering Software Architectures)
C.2.4 (Distributed Systems)
D.2.8 (Software Engineering Metrics)
KeywordsSynthetic Workload; Benchmark; Application Distribution; Application Deployment; Relational Database; TPC; Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS)

The Cloud computing paradigm emerged by establishing new resources provisioning and consumption models. Together with the improvement of resource management techniques, these models have contributed to an increase in the number of application developers that are strong supporters of partially or completely migrating their application to a highly scalable and pay-per-use infrastructure. In this paper we derive a set of functional and non-functional requirements and propose a process-based approach to support the optimal distribution of an application in the Cloud in order to handle fluctuating over time workloads. Using the TPC-H workload as the basis, and by means of empirical workload analysis and characterization, we evaluate the application persistence layer's performance under different deployment scenarios using generated workloads with particular behavior characteristics.

ContactSantiago Gómez Sáez:
Department(s)University of Stuttgart, Institute of Architecture of Application Systems
Project(s)ALLOW Ensembles
Entry dateApril 14, 2014
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