Artikel in Tagungsband INPROC-2017-47

Fischer, Markus Philipp; Breitenbücher, Uwe; Képes, Kálmán; Leymann, Frank: Towards an Approach for Automatically Checking Compliance Rules in Deployment Models.
In: Proceedings of The Eleventh International Conference on Emerging Security Information, Systems and Technologies (SECURWARE 2017).
Universität Stuttgart, Fakultät Informatik, Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik.
S. 150-153, englisch.
Xpert Publishing Services, 10. September 2017.
ISBN: 978-1-61208-582-1.
Artikel in Tagungsband (Konferenz-Beitrag).
CR-Klassif.D.2.11 (Software Engineering Software Architectures)

An enterprise’s information technology environment is often composed of various complex and heterogeneous systems and is subject to many requirements, regulations, and laws. This leads to the issue that technical experts should also have a firm knowledge about a company’s compliance requirements on information technology. This paper presents an approach to ensure compliance of application deployment models during their design time. We introduce a concept that is able to locate compliance relevant areas in deployment models while also specifying how these areas have to be modeled to fulfill the compliance requirements.

Abteilung(en)Universität Stuttgart, Institut für Architektur von Anwendungssystemen
Eingabedatum26. September 2017
   Publ. Institut   Publ. Informatik