Master Thesis MSTR-2017-57

BibliographyMahrous, Khaled: A framework for service-based data processing.
University of Stuttgart, Faculty of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Information Technology, Master Thesis No. 57 (2017).
81 pages, english.

The amount of data generated everyday in IT environments keeps increasing. In order to be able to make use of the large quantities of data generated in actual practical applications, complex computational requirements are needed to process and understand the data. It is expected that the amount of data created in the future will increase exponentially. As a result, the processing of data, which includes the extraction, transformation, and analysis of it, will also become more complex over time. For this Masters thesis, a framework for service-based data processing was developed by improving upon the application FlexMash developed at the University of Stuttgart for data integration. The improvements were done by using Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN), and creating a Service Platform for data processing services, in order to be able to decouple the services offered from the application itself. Furthermore, the improvements provide a simple way to integrate new services to the application in a generic manner, and enable an ad-hoc approach for data processing services. As a result, more flexibility for data processing is added to the application with a generic and robust execution and management environment for the data processing services. This is not limited to the services provided by FlexMash but is extended to third party services. This elaboration explains the approach taken for this thesis in order to reach the desired result.

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Department(s)University of Stuttgart, Institute of Parallel and Distributed Systems, Applications of Parallel and Distributed Systems
Superviser(s)Mitschang, Prof. Bernhard; Hirmer, Pascal
Entry dateMay 29, 2019
   Publ. Computer Science