Master Thesis MSTR-2020-85

BibliographyWaheed, Fatima: Analysis and Deployment of Dialog Systems for Business Applications.
University of Stuttgart, Faculty of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Information Technology, Master Thesis No. 85 (2020).
49 pages, english.

Abstract: Dialogue systems have been focus of attention since 1960s. The recent advancements in the field of deep learning have open new avenues for dialog systems(Qingyang Wu, 2019). The dialogue system is a computer system designed to communicate with humans. Dialogue systems use one or more means of communication in the input and output channels. In this thesis, an overview is presented about a dialog system and a particular dialog system is implemented using ADVISER: A Toolkit for Developing Multi-modal, Multidomain, and Socially engaged Conversational Agents (Chia-Yu Li, 2020) will be discussed in detail. A use case was created to integrate ADVISER with a telephone app from the Company INNOVAPHONE. At the end, analysis and results would be discussed based upon a pilot study conducted amongst INNOVAPHONE's employees.

Department(s)University of Stuttgart, Institute for Natural Language Processing
Superviser(s)Vu, Prof. Ngoc Thang; Schweitzer, Dr. Antje; Schretler, Matthias; Vandrlyn, Lindsey
Entry dateJuly 27, 2021
   Publ. Computer Science