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Old homepage of Alin Stefanescu

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Hello world! :-)

Current Location

Starting with January 2007, I moved to industry to SAP Research Darmstadt (leaving the Software Engineering Group at the University of Konstanz, where I was a postdoc lately).

This webpage will be no longer maintained.

My new page (containing my new coordinates) can be accessed [here].

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Biographical Information

From 1st of June 2005, I will be a postdoc in the Software Engineering Group at the University of Konstanz (Germany)

I am a PhD student (and research assistant) in the Software Reliability and Security Group (at FMI, Uni-Stuttgart), under the supervision of Prof. Javier Esparza. My topic is Automatic Synthesis of Distributed Systems.

History by now:
I received my Bachelor degree in Computer Science and Master degree in Theoretical Computer Science from the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Bucharest, Romania. During my Master studies I held a teaching assistant position at the Chair of Foundations of Computer Science in the above faculty.
I started my PhD studies in October 2000 under the supervision of Prof. Javier Esparza. I spent the first six months at the Technical University of Munich (funded by GKLI). Then I moved to the Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science, at University of Edinburgh. Finally, in April 2003 I arrived in Stuttgart and I am here until the end of May 2005.

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Research A metaphor of my work

My interests are focused on (but not limited to):

distributed systems and models for concurrency
asynchronous automata and trace theory
distributed versions of temporal logics
algebraic specifications

I am involved in the research project Automatic Synthesis of Distributed Systems.

You may take a further look at:

SynAsync - a synthesizer for asynchronous automata
some old slides with quotations
an abstract of my Master thesis

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  Prof. Dr. Javier Esparza (my supervisor)

  Prof. Dr. Gheorghe Stefanescu (my supervisor for the Master thesis)

  My Orthodox communities in Stuttgart, Edinburgh, and Romania

  About Father Nicolae Tanase and PRO VITA

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  PhD defence (13.2.2006)

  Anastasia and Ecaterina Stefanescu (my daughters)

  Marseille (Spring 2004)

  Stuttgart (Summer 2003)

  The wedding (September 8th, 2001)

  The civil marriage (April 21st, 2001)

  Various old pictures

  Orthodox icons Saint Siluan from Athos

  Pro-Life visual arguments

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