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Institute of Formal Methods in Computer Science

Model-Checking Kit: Extending the Kit


We are completely open for suggestions to integrate other input languages and model-checking tools. However, chances are that we will not be able to add them ourselves; this will have to be done in co-operation with others.

We regard the Model-checking Kit as an open platform. Anyone who is interested in adding new languages and/or tools is cordially invited to do so. For this reason, we regard ourselves as moderators of the project, rather than the owners. We will just check that new languages and checkers fit into the spirit of the tool-collection, e.g. new languages should have a safe Petri net semantics etc.

The following paragraphs outline what you should do if you plan to extend the Kit:

  • Contact us. Although you're not strictly required to do so, it would be beneficial for both sides: We can keep an overview of the planned extensions and make sure that they fit together; moreover we can give you additional advice, information on latest developments and so on.

  • Download the sources from the Installation page.

  • Depending on what you are about to do, read one or both of these chapters:

  • Make the desired additions to the program. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us for assistance. When you're done, please send your code to us for integration into the main distribution.

  • Some hints on programming style:
    • Please try to put new code into separate files. This will help us a great deal when adding new stuff and with version management.
    • Give your global symbols (variables, functions etc) unique names, e.g. give them some prefix. This will help avoid name conflicts.