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Institute of Formal Methods in Computer Science

SZS - User Guide



Welcome to the Software Reliability and Safety Group, a Research Unit of the Institute of Formal Methods in Computer Science. The following pages contain information, office procedures and answers to most commonly asked questions.
We hope that you will have a productive and enjoyable stay!



You do not need a key to enter the building of the Faculty of Computer Science after 7.00 a.m. and before 7.00 p.m.. Just press the button on the prop  in front of the main entrance doors, and they will open automatically. You can also open them by hand, but you have to invest some power to manage it. The office doors are open as long as there is someone in. However, the (air conditioned) pool rooms for the students are locked. On arrival you will get a key for all offices of the group and the pool rooms from the secretary (see also keys).

When you enter the building from the south, you take the first staircase (left side) upstairs to the 1st floor, then turn right until the end of the floor and right again until the end of that floor. There you will find us. When entering form the north , walk right through to the south side and take the staircase as described above (then on the right side). See also map of our offices.

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It it easy to reach the University from the airport. See How to find us.

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There is no way to get your child attended in a kindergarten unless you stay for several years. Private babysitters can be found, but can be quite expensive depending on age and experience. If you stay for several months, it might be possible to find someone who takes care of your child within her/his own family ("Tagespflege") regularly. The costs depend on the attended hours per month. Ask the secretary for further information, see also Tagespflege if you speak German.

There are numerous lovely and interesting places to go with children that cannot be listed here. The booklet "Kind in Stuttgart" can give you some useful hints. You can either buy it or ask the secretary to lend you one.

Here are some links which you may find useful:


Höhenpark Killesberg, Bäder, Attraktionen (see -->Attraktionen -->Höhenpark Killesberg)

Märchenpark Ludwigsburg

A well reputated and English speaking pediatrist in Vaihingen is:

Dr. Birgit Bleicher / Dr. Leonie Soehner
Hauptstraße 5
70563 Stuttgart-Vaihingen
Telefon 0711-733433
Fax: 0711-731015

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Computers and Workstations                           


The only computer that is reachable from outside is honolulu (IP address

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There is only one copier for us, situated in the middle of the 1st floor, equipped with all options like duplex copying, zooming etc. You need to know a code number to operate it. Ask the secretary to give you a number. Copy cards are no longer in use.


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Fire: from University campus dial 0-112

          from outside:   112

Police: (0)-110

If you are or anybody else is seriously hurt: (0)-19222 for emergency doctor

The University has a medical department for first aid and smaller injuries: dial 0-685-4545 from within our building, from the campus only 4545

For small injuries, there is a first aid box in the secretary's office. Each department has such a box.

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Fax Machine                              

is in the secretary's office. Our fax number is (0)711-7816-462.

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The only possibility on the Campus to get something to eat at lunchtime is to go to the Mensa. You can choose out of  3 or 4 menues or composite your own menue from a range of salads, deserts, noodles, wok meals a.s.o. Prices for a simple meal are about 1,70 € for students/3,40 € guests. For detailed information about the daily offers and prices see the following link to Studentenwerk. The cafeteria sells snacks, coffee, tea etc.

Alternatively you may visit the canteen of the nearby Telekom hotel (about 2,50 €/meal). It is tolerated if you tell them that you are from university and pay a bit more (1,- €).

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Health Cover, Doctors and Dentists            

see the following link to DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)

If you are uneasy about the choice of your doctor, ask us for recommendation. A good way to find a specialist in your part of the city is to have a look at the "Gelbe Seiten" (classified directory of the telephone book).

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For stays of longer than one week, there is the possibility to book an apartment in the nearby Gastdozentenhaus. The flats are furnished and dispose of a fully equipped kitchen (corner). They range from 1 to 4 rooms. They must be booked for at least  half a month, or for a whole month if it touches the 15th of a month. Anyway, it is cheaper to pay for one month than to take a hotel room for a fortnight.

There is no breakfast service in the Gastdozentenhaus. You will get towels and bed-linen. You have to pay a cash deposit of 300,- € on arrival and a tidying fee of 30,- € on the day of departure. As this kind of accomodation is relatively cheap (e.g. 350,- €/month for 1.5 room flat) and the Gastdozentenhaus is located right in the middle of the Campus (No. 54) rooms are really hard to get. Normally, you have to book months in advance, so contact us as soon as you know the date of your stay. The chances are a bit better in the teaching-free period. For direct contact see this link (click "Gastwissenschaftler/innen").

If you are looking for a hotel, contact us for help. There are not so many hotels in and around Vaihingen. A single room costs about 45 - 60,- €/day. Perhaps you prefer being downtown, then the prices may be even a bit higher.

A cheaper alternative is Bed & Breakfast or a "Pension" (almost like B & B) in the near surroundings (20 - 40,- €/day).

If you have no pretentions to comfort whatsoever, there is also the possibility to stay in the "Jugendgästehaus" (a bit better than youth hostel) almost downtown for 25,- €/day.

The best will be to tell us your wishes and budget, and we will try to find an adequate solution.

If you want to have a look on your own, take this link to hotels.

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On the day of your arrival, you will receive a key for all the rooms of the department including pool rooms which also allows you to enter the building before 7.00 a.m. and after 07.00 p.m. Please return it to the secretary before you are leaving.

If you have booked an apartment in the Gastdozentenhaus, you will get your key for the flat there from Mrs. Ryser, but only Monday to Thursday from 8.30 to 16.00 h, Friday 8.30 to 14.00 h. If you arrive after office time, please tell us in advance. We will fetch the key beforehand and give it to you in our office.

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Lectures and seminars            

If you will be holding a lecture ore seminar, please ask the secretary (Margot Roubicek) for stationery. She can provide you with transparencies. Please let her know of any special needs such as slide projectors, beamer, microphone etc.

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Opening time of the main library located near the underground station:

Mo - Fri    8.30 - 20.00 h

Sa              9.00 - 13.00 h

You need a "Leihkarte" to lend a book. Further details see Universitätsbibliothek

Opening time of the faculty's library at the north end of our building:

Mo - Fri    10.00 - 18.00 h

Further details see Fakultätsbibliothek

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Lost and found                        

In case you have lost something, you can call the "Fundbüro" (Lost and found): Tel. 216-2016, Eberhardstr. 61 (city)

If you have lost it in means of public transport, call 7885-3360. If you miss it at once (shortly after leaving bus/underground), you may call the "Leitstelle" of  the SSB (public transport in Stuttgart): Tel. 7885-301; with a bit of luck it is possible that the driver takes it and gives it to you on return of that train/bus at the station of exit - but only if you can describe the vehicle exactly, e.g. the precise stopping time at your station in German).

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For shorter stays, your mail will be gathered in the secretary's office. Long-term visitors should arrange for a mail basket (ask the secretary Margot Roubicek). Mail is delivered once a day shortly before lunchtime. Out-going business mail should be placed in the respective out-tray in the secretary's office.

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Map of the University Campus

Map of Stuttgart

A map of Stuttgart and surroundings can be found in the secretary’s office.

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Municipal administration                                        

Most of the minor administrative questions (forms, passports, registrations etc.) can be solved at the Bürgerbüro in Stuttgart-Vaihingen, Rathausplatz 1, 70563 Stuttgart. Tel: 0711-216-4803 (or -4821 / -4875 / -8516)

Opening hours:
Mon to Fri: 08:30 - 13:00
Tue 14:00 -16:00
Thu. 14:00 -18:00

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Name plates                             

The name plates next to the office doors can be created by going to this page. There is a suction cup for removing the glass plate, which can be obtained from Stefan Schwoon.

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Office hours                             

Official office hours are from 9.00 h to 16.00 h for minimum with half an hour's lunch break. However, normal academic practice applies as much here as in other universities - as long as you are working effectively no-one is likely to enforce anything. Lunch is usually between 12.00 and 13.30 h.

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There is a small parking place in front of the building and a bigger one round the corner for which you need a parking card to get in. Ask the secretary to give you one.

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If you have an accident or you are suffering from robbery, theft, threatening etc., call 110, the central number for police. Mind that in Germany every little accident leaving only scratches on the car is supposed to be taken down by police. Your (German) accident partner is very likely to insist on calling the police, especially if you are foreigner and he/she expects difficulties with the insurance. It can cost you a lot of time and the traffic flow may be seriously upset, so you better be careful and avoid any risk when driving a car. See also traffic.

If the case is not that urgent, you can directly call the next police station, which is for Vaihingen Tel. 7356925 located in Robert-Leicht-Str. 15

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The default printer is the HP LaserJet4300 dtn PS (szslpr1) in the pool room 1.039
There is another printer (HP LaserJet 3330 MFP) in the secretary's office (room 1.353)
Color printing is available with the HP LaserJet 3700 dtn (pool room 1.039)

print on the default printer:

  • lpr
force simplex printing on the default printer:
  • lpr -P szslpr1-simplex
print on the printer in the secretary's office:
  • lpr -P hplj3330
  • (make sure the secretary's PC is running before printing)
print on the color printer:
  • lpr -P szslpr2

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Public Transport                      

Stuttgart has a very effective system of public transport. You can go by bus, Stadtbahn ( "U", mostly underground in the city) and S-Bahn (also underground). Most of the time you can really rely on the schedule. The only difficulty is to find out the correct code of zones for your ticket. If you are not speaking German, you will not figure it out. As a rule of thumb , choose the code 001 for travelling within the inner city and 002 for travelling between the city and the suburbs, e.g. railway station - University. Do not hesitate to ask somebody to help you. The ticket machines sell single tickets and cards for four rides. The latter need to be stamped before entering the S-Bahn (stamp machines in front of the stairs leading underground), whereas in Stadtbahn or bus you stamp inside the wagon. Single tickets do not need to be stamped.

In case of a longer stay, it is recommendable to use weekly, monthly or even annual tickets. You have to apply for a "Verbundpass" for which you need a passport photo. Ask us for the procedure. After receipt of the Verbundpass (ca. 1 week), you can buy the "Wertmarke" for the next week/month and keep it together, because they are only valid in combination.

For any further details, plans etc. take the link to SSB.

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See SZS publication list.

If you are a member of the SZS group, we would like you to add your papers to our publications list.
How to do this is described [here].

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Railway Station                      

When you arrive at Stuttgart terminal station, you are right in the heart of the city. Just follow the sign "Königstraße" to step into the pedestrian zone with the main shops. Taxi stands are in front of the railway station. For using S-Bahn or Straßenbahn, go underground and follow the signs. Destination University: see link to SZS. Any other destinations: see Public Transport.


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There are no restaurants on the Campus, but a choice of (mostly) ethnic restaurants in Vaihingen (e.g. Italian, Chinese, Greek), and of course numerous bars and restaurants in the city. Just ask people for their preferences.

for more details see Restaurantführer Stuttgart (Index: Essen, Trinken, Übernachten).

You are supposed to give a tip of 5 - 10 % of the bill. The usual procedure of giving a tip is to tell the waiter/waitress the amount you will pay including tip after having received the bill (Example: your bill shows a sum of 32, 20 €, you give the waitress money and say "34 Euro", so she can give the right change and say thank you).

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Secretarial Support                 

In any case of difficulties, ask the secretary (Margot Roubicek). We will try to find solutions or a person that can help you.

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There have occasionally been problems with theft. We recommend that you keep your office closed when you are not in your office and locked if you leave it for longer periods of time.

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Shops are now allowed to open until 8 p.m. Monday to Friday, and until 6 or sometimes 8 p.m. on Saturday. However, only the big supermarkets and most of the big shops in the city open until that time. Small supermarkets and shops often close down at 6 or 6.30 p.m., and even right in the centre of Stuttgart you may find your favourite shop locked if you arrive after 6.30 p.m.

Do not try to buy anything in the city before 10 a.m. In the suburbs, supermarkets, butchers, stationaries etc. open 8 to 9 a.m. The bakery is likely to open at 6.30 a.m.

Shops are not allowed to open on Sundays with very few exceptions: The main railway station, the airport and all petrol stations, which sell a variety of durable and fresh food and snacks. Bakeries are now allowed to open on Sunday morning for no more than 3 hours, but not all do and those who do have no general opening time.

You are expected to pay in cash. Only big stores, petrol stations etc. will accept your credit card.

Further information see also the link to DAAD.

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The new informatics building has an absolute no smoking policy. Smoking is only tolerated in the inner courts of the first floor and on the balcony of the second floor.

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A small number of basic stationary (including stamps, maps, telephone books etc.) is stored in the secretary's office. If you need something that you cannot find there, ask the secretary to procure it. You may also directly approach Mr. Merkel (same floor, room 1.362) who is responsible for the stationary store (opening time Friday 10 - 11 h).

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see our link to SZS

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On your arrival at the airport or the station you will find a taxi stand. If there aren't any just wait. Mind that in Germany it is usually not possible to hail a taxi in the street. You have to call and order them to pick you up, with the exception of the regular taxi stands.

Taxi Vaihingen: 0711-731441

or                                 -734179

City:                             -625511

or                                 -291511

Your are expected to pay in cash and give some tip.

Going by taxi can be an expensive experience. Check thoroughly is there isn't another possibility (public transport).

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In order to contact someone within the building just dial the extension. For calling someone on the University Campus Vaihingen, dial 0-685-extension, University/City 0-121-extension. For any other calls going outside, pre-dial a 0 and then the full number. Private calls: Pre-dial 99 instead of 0, then same procedure.

From some telephones you can call to other countries directly, from others you can't. Ask before trying.

For contacting someone in the informatics building from outside you should dial: 0711(for Stuttgart)-7816-extension. From other countries: 0049-711-7816-extension. From within Stuttgart: 7816-extension.

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Web pages

The sources of our web pages can be found at /usr/local/www/fmi/szs/. The data is subdivided into the following directories:

  • cgi-bin - CGI scripts
  • contact - Contact information (phone/fax number, address, etc.)
  • img - Images
  • leisten - HTML code for the standard faculty design for web pages
  • people - Home pages
  • positions - Open positions
  • pruefungsordnung - Hints for students concerning the examination regulations
  • publications - Lists of our publications
  • research - Research projects
  • teaching - Information about teaching (lectures, seminars, available student projects)
  • tools - Tools developed by our group
  • userguide - This user guide

Further useful information:

  • In order to add your name to the user's list of the faculty, put <!-- HOMEPAGE "LastName, FirstName" --> into the HTML code of your homepage.
  • In order to add a project to the project's list, use <!-- PROJEKT:szs "MyProjectName" -->.
And when adding a page, please remember to give write access to the szsmi group.

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