Michael Bertol

Dr. rer. nat. (Ph D) University of Stuttgart, February 1996.
Research Assistant Jul. 1993 to Sep. 1996, Theory Group

Affiliations: Member of the Faculty Council Sept. 1994 to Aug. 1996 , Member of the Softwarekommission Jul. 1993 to Sep. 1996

Address: Computer Science Department, University of Stuttgart, Breitwiesenstr. 20-22, 70565 Stuttgart, Germany
Email: bertol@informatik.uni-stuttgart.de
Public-key: PGP Pretty good privacy: Public-key
Fax: + 49 - 711 - 78 16 310

Research Interests:
  • Rewriting on Free Partially Commutative Monoids
  • Programming Languages and Concepts for Parallel and Distributed Computing
  • Models and Logics of Behaviors
  • Frameworks for Patternmatching
  • Algorithmics

  • and ... some documents for downloading
  • Efficient rewriting in cograph trace monoids ps File
  • On efficient reduction-algorithms for some trace rewriting systems ps File
  • Trace rewriting: Computing normal forms in time O(n log n) ps File
  • A short Handbook on Trace Theory is available in the new Springer Handbook
  • Nonfinite Axiomatizability of the Equational Theory of Shuffle ps File
  • Free Shuffle Algebras with Involution ps File
  • The Tautologies over a Finite Set are Context-Free ps File
  • A very good Book on Mathematical Foundations for Computer Scientists ps File
  • Dynamische Algebren zur Spezifikation und Modellierung von Systemen ps File
  • Einige approximative Lösungen von Rekursionsgleichungen ps File
  • Dissertation: Effiziente Normalform-Algorithmen ps.gz File
  • currently in work: Ein Framework zur Mustererkennung ...
  • Mini Project: A nice busy beaver simulator in Java
  • Mini Project: A nice Graph Editor in Java... seems becoming a Java fan.
  • Project: A categorial ML type schema, categories becoming concrete programs...
  • Part ONE: category definition source code in PostScript
  • Part TWO: simple abstract set type: source code in PostScript
  • Part THREE: instantiation of the concrete set category: source code in PostScript
  • Part FOUR: definition of comma and functor categories: source code in PostScript
  • Part FIVE: an efficient functor for standard set: source code in PostScript
  • Part SIX: examples: relations and graphs: source code in PostScript
  • foundations of patternmatching and recognition ... currently in work

  • Further Infos