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Institut für Formale Methoden der Informatik

Abteilung Theoretische Informatik


Veröffentlichungen / Publications


A Remark on Trace Equations

Volker Diekert

Foundations of Computer Science: Potential - Theory - Cognition, LNCS 1337, 251-260, 1997.

Removing $\varepsilon$-Transitions in Timed Automata

Volker Diekert, Paul Gastin, Antoine Petit

STACS'97, LNCS 1200, 583-594, 1997. ps File (© Springer-Verlag).

Solving trace equations using lexicographical normal forms

Volker Diekert, Yuri Matiyasevich, Anca Muscholl

ICALP'97 (Bologna, Italy) Abstract, BibTeX entry, dvi File, ps.Z File (© Springer-Verlag).

Partial Commutation and Traces.

Volker Diekert, Yves Métivier

In G. Rozenberg (Editor), Handbook on Formal Languages, Volume III, 457-534, 1997.

Acceptance by Transformation Monoids (with an Application to Local Self Reductions)

U. Hertrampf

12th Conference on Computational Complexity, IEEE Computer Society Press, 213 - 224, 1997.

Polynomial Time Machines Equipped with Word Problems over Algebraic Structures as their Acceptance Criteria

U. Hertrampf

11th International Symposium on Fundamentals of Computation Theory, LNCS 1279, 233 - 244, 1997.

The Shapes of Trees

U. Hertrampf

3rd International Computing and Combinatorics Conference, LNCS 1276, 412 - 421, 1997.

The code problem for traces---improving the boundaries

Hendrik Jan Hoogeboom, Anca Muscholl

Theoretical Computer Science 172 (1997) Abstract, BibTeX entry, ps.Z File (© Elsevier).

About the local detection of termination of local computations in graphs

Yves Metivier, Anca Muscholl and Pierre-Andre Wacrenier

SIROCCO'97, Carleton Scientific, pp.188-200 Abstract, BibTeX entry, dvi File, ps.gz File. (© Carleton Scientific).

A Census Technique for Simple Computing Devices

Holger Petersen

Report 1997/07, Universität Stuttgart, Fakultät Informatik.

The Equivalence of Pebbles and Sensing Heads for Finite Automata

Holger Petersen

Proc. 11th FCT, Springer, LNCS 1279 (1997), 400--410.

Homomorphic Images of Sentential Forms and Terminating Grammars

Holger Petersen

Proc. 22nd MFCS, Springer, LNCS 1295 (1997), 448--457.