* David A. Wheeler

I'm a research staff member at the Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA) in the Computer and Software Engineering Division (CSED).

My professional interests are in improving software development practices for higher-risk (large and safety-critical) software systems. This includes software risk assessment, process improvement, inspections, object-oriented (OO) approaches, defect detection and prevention techniques, software engineering tools and environments, the Internet, POSIX, Ada, and C++.

My personal interests (besides computing) include American Sign Language, downhill skiing, science fiction (including Star Trek), and Music (I play the piano/keyboard, euphonium, tuba, guitar, and I sing bass). I'm an Eagle Scout and am a member of the IDA Explorer Post committee. Most important to me, I'm a Christian.

Pictures of me, large and small, are available.

Here's how to contact me:

David A. Wheeler
Institute for Defense Analyses/CSED
1801 N. Beauregard St.
Alexandria, VA 22311-1772 (USA)
Phone: (703) 845-6662; FAX (703) 845-6848
Email: wheeler@ida.org

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David A. Wheeler (wheeler@ida.org)