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WISR (Workshop In Software Reuse)
WISR Software Reuse Repository
Numerous (see Abstract below)
Larry Latour
Manager, WISR Software Reuse Repository
Department of Computer Science
The University of Maine
237 Neville Hall
Orono, ME 04469
Approved for public release; distribution unlimited
By the respective authors
WISR Software Reuse Repository


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This tree in the Public Ada Library contains several offerings from the
WISR (Workshop in Software Reuse) Software Reuse Repository at the
University of Maine.  Thanks to Larry Latour (manager of the repository),
Will Tracz (chair of WISR 4 and co-chair of WISR 6), Martin Griss (chair
of WISR 5), Jeff Poulin (chair of WISR 6), and Steve Philbrick (organizer
of the repository) for their work with WISR and their support of the
repository and this release to the Public Ada Library.  Thanks also to the
numerous authors (listed below) for their contributions.  WISR is sponsored
by the IEEE Technical Committee on Software Engineering.

This directory contains snapshots of parts of the WISR Software
Reuse Repository.  The subdirectory names are "asofYYMM" where YY and MM
are the year and month the snapshot was made.

The proceedings of the WISR4 (1991), WISR5 (1992), and WISR6 (1993)
workshops are available in their Postscript formats only ... access
the WISR Software Reuse Repository if you wish to acquire copies in
the other formats they offer.

The file contains information about the files in the other
ZIP files in each "asof" directory.

The current release of the WISR Software Reuse Repository contains:

  1) The proceedings and workshop reports of the Fourth Annual Workshop on 
     Software Reuse (WISR4, 1991).  

  2) The proceedings and workshop reports of the Fifth Annual Workshop on 
     Software Reuse (WISR5, 1992).  

  3) The proceedings and workshop reports of the Sixth Annual Workshop on
     Software Reuse (WISR6, 1993).

The repository materials are available in ASCII, DVI, LaTeX, PostScript and 
Word 5.0 (Macintosh and IBM) file formats.  The repository is accessible,
at no charge, via anonymous FTP or via Internet/XGopher access.  The host
name of the repository is

The directory  "/pub/WISR/wisr4/proceedings/Patches"  and 
the directory  "/pub/WISR/wisr5/proceedings/Patches"  contain personalized 
README files (i.e., which contain IMPORTANT clarifications, 
corrections and/or additions to the corresponding author's original paper.  
The abscence of a file means that there is nothing speacial 
to report about that particular author's paper.

Hardcopy of some WISR documents are available.  Contact Larry Latour.

Everyone should take a look in these directories before commenting on
missing  figures and the like.  This is the ONLY place where you can
find out about such things as:

  1) Errors we made while assembling the proceedings,

  2) Which authors used external PostScript figures in their respective
     paper. Often, the figures must be FTP'd separately from (in addition
     to) the  LaTeX, PostScript or ASCII version of the respective
     author's paper. 

  3) Which authors used external bibliography files.  If you FTP the LaTeX 
     version of a paper, you must also FTP the corresponding ".bib" file.
     With the ".bib" file, use BibTeX in order to generate the bibliography.

  4) Which papers appear only in Word 5.0 format or ASCII format.

The Public Ada Library is offering the Postscript versions of the documents
and the ASCII patches only at this time.

The following is a listing of the papers in the WISR4 and WISR5 proceedings
as released to the Public Ada Library:

WISR 4 Papers:
  Batory, Don, "On the Differences Between Very Large Scale Reuse and
  Large Scale Reuse," University of Texas
  Braun, Christine, "Domain Specific Software Architectures -- Command
  and Control," GTE Contel Federal Systems
  Cohen, Sholom, "Process and Products for Software Reuse and Domain
  Analysis," Software Engineering Institute
  Collins, Patricia, "Toward a Reusable Domain Analysis," Hewlett-Packard
  Cox, Brad, "Planning the Software Industrial Revolution Supply-side
  Economics of Software Reuse," Information Age Consulting
  Davis, Margaret J., "STARS Framework for Reuse Processes," Boeing
  Defense and Space Group
  Diab, Mahmoud, "Software Reuse Repository," NEC America Inc.
  Dusink, E.M., "Software Engineering and Reuse," TU Delft
  Edwards, Stephen H., "Common Interface Models for Components are
  Necessary to Support Composability," The Ohio State University
  Frakes, Bill, "Towards a Method of Design for Reuse," Software
  Productivity Consortium
  Fraser, Steven, "Pragmatic Approaches to Software Reuse at BNR, Ltd.,"
  Bell-Northern Research Ltd.
  Gomaa, H., Kerschberg, L., Bosch, C., Sugumaran, V., and Tavakoli, I.,
  "A Prototype Software Engineering Environment for Domain Modeling and
  Reuse," George Mason University
  Griss, Martin L., "Bus-Based Kits for Reusable Software," Hewlett-
  Packard Laboratories
  Harris, Kim, "Increasing Reusability through Architectural Design,"
  Hewlett Packard Company
  Hislop, Gregory W., "Estimating the Potential for Reuse," Drexel
  University and Working Knowledge, Inc.
  Hollingsworth, Joseph E., Weide, Bruce W., Zweben, Stuart H.,
  "Confessions of Some Used-Program Clients," The Ohio State University
  Huff, Karen E., Thomson, Ronnie, and Gish, James W., "The Role of
  Understanding and Adaptation in Software Reuse Scenarios," GTE
  Laboratories Incorporated
  Hulbert, Bradley J., "Overview of Recent Developments in Copyright
  Protection for Software," Allegretti & Witcoff, Ltd.
  Joos, Rebecca, "Software Reuse in an Industrial Environment," Motorola,
  Kilov, Haim, "Reuse of Generic Concepts in Information Modeling,"
  Knight, John C., "Issues in the Certification of Reusable Parts,"
  University of Virginia
  Koltun, Philip, and Hudson, Anita, "A Reuse Maturity Model," Harris
  Latour, Larry, and Meadow, Curtis, "Scaling Up the 3Cs Model -- A
  Schema for Extensible Generic Architectures," University of Maine
  Lavoie, Don, Baetjer, Howard, and Tulloh, William, "Increased Productivity
  Through Reuse: An Economist's Perspective," George Mason University
  Levine, Gertrude, "Software Reuse, A Fundamental Aspect of Software
  Engineering," Fairleigh Dickinson University
  Li, Haikuan, and van Katwijk, Jan, "A Model for Reuse-in-the-Large,"
  Delft University of Technology
  Luqi and McDowell,J, "Software Reuse in Specification-Based Prototyping,"
  Naval Postgraduate School
  Martin, Roland, Jackoway, Gary, and Ranganathan, Charu,
  "Software Reuse Across Continents," Hewlett-Packard
  Mayobre, Guillermo, "Using Code Reusability Analysis to Identify
  Reusable Components from the Software Related to an Application
  Domain," Hewlett Packard
  Miller, Lawrence H., and Quilici, Alex, "A Knowledge-Based Approach to
  Encouraging Reuse of Simulation and Modeling Programs," The Aerospace
  Corporation and University of Hawaii at Manoa
  Moody, Scott Arthur, "Exploring Frameworks and Representations for
  Domain Specific Automatic Code Generation," The Boeing Company
  Moore, James W., "A National Infrastructure for Defense Reuse,"
  IBM Federal Sector Division
  Morrison, John S., "The Emerging Market in Adaptable and Reusable
  Software Components -- Impact on System Engineering and Enterprise
  Integration," Technology Transfer International, Inc.
  Nakakoji, Kumiyo, "Software Reuse in Integrated, Domain-Oriented
  Knowledge-Based Design Environments," University of Colorado and
  Software Research Associates, Inc.
  Nishimoto, Alvina, "Program of Reuse at Manufacturing Productivity
  Operation," Hewlett-Packard Company
  Palmer, Constance, "Identification and Tailoring of Reusable Software
  Components," McDonnell Douglas Missile Systems Company
  Patel, Sukesh, Chu, William, Baxter, Rich, Sayrs, Brian, and Sherman,
  Steve, "A Top-Down Software Reuse Support Environment," Lockheed
  Palo Alto Research Laboratories
  Scacchi, Walt, "Software Reuse in the USC System Factory Project,"
  University of Southern California
  Sijtsma, Ben A., "Software Reuse Research at KSLA," Koninklijke/Shell-
  Simos, Mark A., "Navigating Soundspace: Modelling the Sound Domain at
  Real World," Organon Motives and Real World (Studios) Ltd.
  Sitaraman, Murali, and Eichmann, David, "Inheritance for Software
  Reuse: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly," West Virginia University
  Solderitsch, James, and Thalhamer, John, "Asset Library Open
  Architecture Framework -- Sharing Reusable Assets," Unisys Defense
  Systems, Inc.
  Solderitsch, James, "An Organon: Intelligent Reuse of Software Assets
  and Domain Knowledge," Unisys Defense Systems, Inc.
  Tirso, Jesus R., "The IBM Reuse Program," IBM Corporation
  Tracz, Will, and Coglianese, Lou, "An Outline for a Domain Specific
  Software Architecture Engineering Process," IBM Corporation
  Wartik, Steven, and Prieto-Diaz, Ruben, "Criteria for Comparing
  Domain Analysis Approaches," Software Productivity Consortium
  Wirsing, Martin, "Spectrum: A Formal Approach to Software Development
  with Reusability," Universitat Passau
WISR 5 Papers:
  Balin, Sidney C., and Henderson, Scott, "Towards A Case-Based
  Software Engineering Environment," CTA Incorporated
  Balfour, Brad, "A Comprehensive Approach to Reuse," SofTech, Inc.
  Beach, Brian W., "Declarative Programming for Component Interconnection,"
  Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
  Bourgeois, Karen V., "Technology Transfer of Mature Reuse Practices,"
  Loral Software Productivity Laboratory
  Chao, David, "A Survey of Software Reuse Within the Department of
  Defense," U.S. General Accounting Office
  Cheng, Betty H.C., and Jeng, Jun-jang, "Formal Methods Applied to Reuse,"
  Michigan State University
  Collins, Patricia, "Considering Corporate Culture in Institutionalizing
  Reuse," Hewlett-Packard Corporate Engineering
  Creps, Richard E., "The STARS Conceptual Framework for Reuse Processes,"
  Paramax Systems Corporation
  Davis, Margaret J., "STARS Reuse Maturity Model: Guidelines for Reuse
  Strategy Formulation," Boeing Defense & Space Group
  Davis, Ted, and Williams, Roger, "Toward a Reuse Maturity Model,"
  Software Productivity Consortium
  Dusink, E.M., "Reuse is not Done in a Vacuum," TU Delft
  Edwards, Stephen H., "Toward a Model of Reusable Software Subsystems,"
  The Ohio State University
  Erickson, Robert E., "Software Reuse Adoption: Some Practical Issues,"
  United Technologies Research Center
  Faget, Jean, and Morel, Jean-Marc, "The REBOOT Approach to the Concept
  of a Reusable Component," Bull S.A.
  Feldkhun, Lev, and McLuckie, Timothy M., "Reuse: A Market Driven Model,"
  Bell Atlantic Integrated Systems
  Fraser, Steven D., "Reuse by Design -- A Team Approach," Bell-Northern
  Research Ltd.
  Griss, Martin L., "A Multi-Disciplinary Software Reuse Research Program,"
  Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
  Harrison, Rachel, "Reusable Software Components through Parameterized
  Modules and Data Abstraction," University of Southampton
  Hitz, Martin, and Werthner, Hannes, "A Graph Oriented Approach to
  Enhance Reusability in *-bases," University of Vienna
  Hufnagel, Steve, "Formally Specified Object-Oriented Approach to Reuse,"
  The University of Texas at Arlington
  Johnson, Jeff A, Nardi, Bonnie A, Zarmer, Craig L, and Miller, James R,
  "ACE: An Application Construction Environment," Hewlett-Packard
  Joos, Rebecca, "So Much for Motherhood, Applie Pie, and Reuse,"
  Motorola, Inc.
  Karlsson, Even-Andre, "A Cleanroom Approach to Object Oriented Development
  for Reuse," Q-Labs
  Knight, John C., and Kienzle, Darrell M., "Reuse of Specifications,"
  University of Virginia
  Koltun, Philip L., "Intrastructure Issues for Achieving Software Reuse,"
  Harris Corporation
  Lea, Doug, and de Champeaux, Dennis, "Object Oriented Software Reuse
  Technical Opportunities," State University of New York at Oswego and
  Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
  Milli, Ali, Milli, Rum, and Mittermeir, Roland T., "A Formal Approach to
  Software Reuse: Design and Implementation," University of Ottawa and
  Universitat Klagenfurt
  Navarro, James J., "Organization Design for Software Reuse," Hewlett-
  Packard Laboratories
  Neighbors, James M., "The Commercial Application of Domain Analysis,"
  Bayfront Technologies, Inc.
  Patel, Sukesh, Stein, Alan, Cohen, Paul, Baxter, Rich, and Sherman, Steve,
  "Certification of Reusable Software Components," Lockheed Research &
  Development Division, Lockheed Missiles & Space Company (Missiles
  System Division), and Lockheed Missiles & Space Company (Space Systems
  Poulin, Jeffrey S., "Measuring Reuse," IBM Corporation
  Reynolds, R. G., Maletic, J. I., Zannoni, E., and Cowan, G. S.,
  "Software Reuse in the PM System," Wayne State University
  Rix, Malcolm, "Case Study of a Successful Firmware Reuse Program,"
  Hewlett Packard Company
  Scacchi, Walt, "Process-Driven Environments as Reusable Application
  Development Frameworks," University of Southern California
  Sembugamoorthy, Vel, Streeter, Lynn, Keese, Bill, and Leland, Mary,
  "Igrep: A Real World Perspective on Locating Software Artifacts for
  Reuse," Bell Communications Research, Inc. (Bellcore)
  Simos, Mark A., "Towards an Industry-Wide Consensus Reuse Process
  Model," Software Reuse Consultancy Services
  Sitaraman, Murali, "A Uniform Treatment of Reusability of Software
  Engineering Assets," West Virginia University
  Solderitsch, James, "Making the Case for Interoperating Reuse
  Libraries," Paramax Systems Corporation
  Srinivas, Yellamraju V., and Goldberg, Allen T., "Replay of Derivation
  Histories in KIDS," Kestrel Institute
  Steigerwald, Robert A., "Reusable Component Retrieval with Formal
  Specifications," United States Air Force Academy
  Tewari, Raj, "Empirical Investigation of Software Reuse in Object-Oriented
  Systems," Temple University
  Tirso, Jesus R., "Championing the Cause: Making Reuse Stick," IBM
  Tracz, Will, and Coglianese, Lou, "A CASE for Domain-Specific Software
  Architectures," IBM Corporation
  Wallnau, Kurt C., "Towards an Extended View of Reuse Libraries,"
  Paramax Systems Corporation
  Wasmund, Michael, "Critical Success Factors of Reuse at IBM Boebligen,
  Germany," IBM Deutschland GmbH
  Weide, Bruce W., and Hollingsworth, Joseph E., "Scalability of Reuse
  Technology to Large Systems Requires Local Certifiability," The Ohio
  State University and Indiana University Southeast
  Wentzel, Kevin, "Software Reuse - It's a Business," Hewlett-Packard
  Withey, James V., "Proposal for a Working Group on Software Models,"
  Software Engineering Institute
  Yglesias, Kathryn P., "Limitations of Certification Standards in
  Achieving Successful Parts Retrieval," International Business Machines
  Yu, Guohui, Welch, L. R., Rossak, W., and Stoyenko, A. D.,
  "Automatic Retrieval of Formally Specified Real-Time Software Components,"
  New Jersey Institute of Technology
WISR 6 Papers:

  Abdel-Hamid, Tarek K., "Modeling the Dynamics of Software Reuse:
  An Integrating System Dynamics Perspective", Naval Postgraduate School

  Arango, Guillerno, "Networks and Information Technology Redefine
  the Practice of Reuse", Schlumberger Laboratory for Computer Science

  Arya, Pamela K., "Software Reuse on RCAS", General Research Corporation

  Bailin, Sidney C., "KAPTUR, Elvis, Hendrix, and Other Acronyms:
  Domain Engineering at CTA", CTA Incorporated

  Baxter, Ira, "Practical Issues in Building Knowledge-Based Code
  Synthesis Systems", Schlumberger Laboratory for Computer Science

  Beidler, John, "Iterators: Opportunities Lost, Lessons Learned",
  University of Scranton

  Bell, Peter J., "Reducing Cognitive Distance: The Role of an
  Effective Reuse Program", Australian Centre for Unisys Software

  Biggerstaff, Ted J., "The Limits of Concrete Component Reuse,"
  Microsoft Research (Microsoft Corporation)

  Bhansali, Sanjay, "Reusing Software Design: A Generic Architecture-based
  Approach", Stanford University

  Burd, Elizabeth L., and McDermid, John A., "Risk Management: The
  Key to Successful Reuse", University of York

  Burdick, Roberta G., "Domain Analysis and Information Engineering:
  Promoting a Combined Attack on Stovepipe Systems", Unisys Corporation

  Butler, Greg, "Reusable Reliable Software Components for Computer
  Algebra", Concordia University

  Castano, Silvana, and De Antonellis, Valeria, "Requirements
  Specification Reuse," Politecnico di Milano

  Chao, David, "Software Reuse: Major Issues Need to be Resolved Before
  Benefits Can Be Achieved", U.S. General Accounting Office

  Cohen, Sholom, "A Model Base for Software Engineering", Software
  Engineering Institute

  Conn, Richard, "Impediments to the Software Reuse Industries", The
  MITRE Corporation

  Cornwell, Pete, and Wellings, Andy, "Design Reuse for Real-Time Systems",
  University of York

  Daudjee, Khuzaima S., "Linguistic Support for Reuse in the Development
  of User Interfaces", University of York

  Davis, Margaret J., "Adding Goals for Reuse Practice to Project Plans",
  Boeing Defense & Space Group

  Davis, Ted, "Reuse Capability Assessment: Case Study Results", Software
  Productivity Consortium

  Devanbu, Premkumar T., "Research Issues with Application Generators",
  AT&T Bell Laboratories

  Dunn, Michael F., and Knight, John C., "Creating and Using an Industrial
  Domain Model", Industrial Software Technology and University of Virginia

  Dusink, Liesbeth, "Insight in the Reuse Process?"

  Edwards, Stephen H., "Inheritance: One Mechanism, Many Conflicting Uses",
  The Ohio State University

  Fensel, Dieter, "Reuse of Problem-Solving Methods in Knowledge
  Engineering", University of Karlsruhe

  Frakes, William B., "A Graduate Course on Software Reuse, Domain Analysis,
  and Re-engineering", Virginia Tech

  Garg, Pankaj K., Jazayeri, Mehdi, and Creech, Michael L., "A Meta-Process
  for Software Reuse Process Discovery and Evolution", Hewlett-Packard Labs

  Gaska, Marilyn T., "An Open Systems Perspective on Horizontal Reuse",
  IBM Federal Systems Company

  Gomaa, Hassan, "Methods and Tools for Domain Specific Software
  Architectures", George Mason University

  Griss, Martin L., "Towards Tools and Languages for Hybrid Domain-Specific
  Kits", Hewlett-Packard Laboratories

  Henninger, Scott, "From Software Reuse to Example-Based Design,"
  University of Nebraska

  Hislop, Gregory W., "Using Existing Software in a Software Reuse
  Initiative", Working Knowledge, Inc.

  Hobbs, Elizabeth T., "A Uniform Data Model for Reuse Library
  Interoperability", ConQuest Software

  Hollingsworth, Joe, "Uncontrolled Reference Semantics Thwart
  Local Certifiability," Indiana University Southeast

  Hopkins, John E., and Sitaraman, Murali, "Software Quality is Inversely
  Proportional to Potential Local Verification Effort", West Virginia

  Huber, Theresa R., "Findings of the CARDS Sponsored Software Reuse Legal
  Workshop", DSD Laboratories, Inc.

  Hybertson, Duane W., and Eichmann, David A., "The Influence Reuse Will
  Have on Software Measurement", The MITRE Corporation and University of
  Houston at Clear Lake

  Jackoway, Gary, "The 7 C's for Multi-site Reuse Success," Hewlett
  Packard Company

  Jacowitz, Larry A., and Irving, David, "Simple, Unobtrusive Metrics for
  ASSET's Software Reuse Library", IBM Federal Systems Company and SAIC

  Joos, Rebecca, "Tools to Facilitate the Reuse Process", Motorola

  Karlsson, Even-Andre, "Roles and Role Conflicts in Reuse Projects", Ideon

  Kojima, Taizo, and Sugimoto, Akira, "Customizing C++ to Improve the
  Reusability of Class Libraries", Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

  Kozaczynski, Wojtek, "Reuse Enabling Technology On Constructing Systems
  From Large-grained Components," Andersen Consulting

  Latour, Larry, "Experiments in Hypermedia Support for the 'Understanding
  for Reuse' Problem," University of Maine

  Lea, Doug, "Cataloging Object Oriented Software Reuse", SUNY Oswego &
  the NY CASE Center

  Levine, Trudy, "Integrating Reuse into a Software Curriculum", Fairleigh
  Dickinson University

  Lubars, Mitchell D., and Iscoe, Neil, "Frameworks Versus Libraries: A
  Dichotomy of Reuse Strategies", Electronic Data Systems

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  Matsumoto, Masao J., and Ishida, Atsuko, "A Nation-Wide Evaluation of
  Software Components Reusability", NEC Corporation and Hitachi, Ltd.

  Mayobre, Guillermo, "Maximizing Reuse with an Evolution Oriented Domain
  Engineering", Hewlett Packard

  Mittermeir, R.T., Mili, R., and Mili, A., "Building a Repository of
  Software Components: A Formal Specifications Approach", Universitat
  Klagenfurt and University of Ottawa

  Moore, James W., "The Impact of Reuse Library Interoperability upon a
  Software Component Industry", IBM Federal Systems Company

  Navarro, James J., "Organization Design-Based Software Reuse Adoption
  Strategy," Hewlett Packard Laboratories

  Neumann, Valerie A., "Moving Beyond Library-based Reuse", Eastman Kodak

  Ning, Jim Q., "Module Interface Specification and Large-Grain Software
  Reuse", Andersen Consulting

  O'Malley, Sean W., "Action at a Distance: A Case Study in Composability",
  University of Arizona

  Park, Sooyong, "Software Requirement Text Reuse", George Mason University

  Poulin, Jeffrey S., "A Method for Assessing Cross-Lifecycle Reuse",
  IBM Federal Systems Company

  Prieto-Diaz, Ruben, "Some Experiences in Domain Analysis", Reuse, Inc.

  Reifer, Donald J., "Methodology Fusion: The Next Step", Reifer
  Consultants, Inc.

  Shih, Yunyau, and Lander, Les, "Introducing Synchronization into an
  Object-Oriented Reuse Library", Binghamton University

  Singhal, Vivek, and Batory, Don, "P++: A Language for Large-Scale Reusable
  Software Components", The University of Texas at Austin

  Smith, Larry, and Phipps, Vern, "Reuse Insertion in Small Embedded
  Systems", United States Air Force and SofTech, Inc.

  Stillman, Maureen, "Reuse and Formal Methods for Ada", Odyssey Research

  Stockwell, Timothy, and Krause, Mark, "Internet Information Discovery and
  Retrieval Tools - Cost Effective Building Blocks for Asset Libraries",
  The MITRE Corporation

  Stump, Patricia, and Gesacion, Jim, "Experiences in Introducing and
  Measuring Software Reuse at IBM Endicott Programming Laboratory",

  Thatte, Satish R., "Synthesizing Interface Stubs for Reusable Classes",
  Clarkson University

  Thomas, Jeff, Batory, Don, Singhal, Vivek, and Sirkin, Marty, "A Scalable
  Approach to Software Libraries", The University of Texas at Austin

  Tong, Andrew Z., "Reducing the Technical Overhead of Software Reuse",
  Columbia University

  Tracz, Will, Shafer, Steve, and Coglianese, Lou, "Design Records: A
  Way to Organize Domain Knowledge", IBM Federal Systems Company

  Wallnau, Kurt C., "Incremental Adoption of Software Architecture
  Technology for Reuse in the DoD", Paramax Systems Corporation

  Wartik, Steven, "The Role of Process Familites in Reuse Adoption",
  Software Productivity Consortium

  Wasmund, Michael, "Incentives Versus Targets - A Practical Experience",
  IBM Deutschland

  Weide, Bruce W., Heym, Wayne D., and Ogden, William F., "Procedure Calls
  and Local Certifiability of Component Correctness", The Ohio State

  Wentzel, Kevin D., "Domain Specific Kits - A More Effective Approach
  to Software Reuse," Hewlett Packard Laboratories

  Whittle, Ben R., "Criteria for Evaluating Reuse Support in Education
  Courses", University of Wales, Aberystwyth

  Yakhnis, Vladimir R., Farrell, Joel A., and Shultz, Steven S.,
  "Reusing Program Derivation Techniques and Correctness Proofs via
  Generic Algorithms," IBM Corporation

  Yglesias, Kathryn P., "Progress in Reusable Parts Libraries (or Lack
  Thereof)", IBM Corporation

  Yla-Rotiala, Aarne H., "Towards Information Systems for Software
  Producers", Nokia Telecommunications


Sep 1993   Larry Latour and Jeff Poulin    Initial release to the PAL
Nov 1993   Richard Conn                    Added missing papers


Approved for public release; distribution unlimited


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