1. software-package: (xwin.tgz,1325 KBytes) An Ada binding to the X Window System and the X Toolkit for X11R1 from SAIC (San Diego)

  2. software-package: (gks.taz,544 KBytes) Graphic Kernel System (GKS): a device independent software package which implements the draft GKS binding to ANSI Ada for GKS levels Ma, Oa, 1a, 2a, Mb, Ob, 1b, Mc, and 1c. [NR]

  3. software-package: (abst417.tgz,261 KBytes) Ada - PCTE (Portable Common Tool Environment) Binding (Version 0.2). The AdaPCTE provides Ada applications access to a PCTE object base [CS(SUN OS 4.1.2, SunAda 1.0)]

  4. software-package: (abst337.tgz,29 KBytes) Ada Binding to ADOBE Font Metrics (based on "Adobe Font Metrics Files, Specification Version 2.0") for application program that needs font metric information.

  5. software-package: (atip1553.tgz,182 KBytes) The Generic Avionics Data Bus Tool Kit (GADBTK) provides a strong Ada software binding to the military standard 1553 data bus. The bus is used for time multiplex data communications between different sensor and computer subsystems on many current military platforms. [NR]

  6. software-package: (abst247.tgz,114 KBytes) Ada Binding to Xmodem and Kermit Network Protocol

  7. software-package: (pm_binding.tgz,314 KBytes) OS/2 PM Bindings for Ada95 (Executables). Implements most of the PM bindings. [CS (OS/2,GNAT 2.04)] (Here are the Sources,85 KBytes)

  8. software-package: (cbind5.tgz,83 KBytes) cbind - Translator for "thin" Ada bindings to C. This tool is designed to AID in the creation of Ada bindings to C. It reads C source and include files and generates Ada packages containing translations of the types and function prototypes which it read. Supports Ada 95 and gnat [ES (Sun4m, SunOS 4.1.2; Sun4d, SunOS 5.3 (solaris); SGI, IRIX 4.0.5; IBM RS6000 250, AIX 3.2.5)]

  9. software-package: (abst159.tgz,155 KBytes) Ada/SQL Bindings: provides automated support for SAME (SQL/Ada Module Extensions).

  10. software-package: (abst225.tgz,825 KBytes) Ada/SQL and CICS Bindings: An interface that binds Ada to the IBM CICS transaction-oriented applications.

  11. software-package: (irds.tgz,75 KBytes) Draft Ada language binding to the IRDS Services Interface. Defines an interface to describe and control an enterprise's information resources. IRDS interfaces to a Software Query Language (SQL) type of database using services in the form of function and procedure calls.

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