Command Line Interpreters

  1. software-package: (adacli.abs,221 KBytes) ADACLI - a collection of packages that implements an Ada-like command line interface. It is described in detail in the May-June 1990 issue of Ada Letters. [ES (DEC Ada/VMS)]

  2. software-package: (cli_componts.abs,35 KBytes) The Command Language Interpreter (CLI) implements the tools found in chapters one and two of "Software Tools in Pascal" by Brian W. Kernighan and P.J. Plauger

  3. software-package: (cli2.abs,47 KBytes) CLI2 is a general-purpose command line interface which is similar in concept to the UNIX ARGC/ARGV command line parameter passing mechanism. [ES (SUN 3/260 (SunOS 3.5), VADS 5.41; SUN 3/260 (SunOS 3.5), Alsys 3.2; VAX 11/785 (VMS 4.5), DEC Ada 1.3-24; MSDOS 3.3, IntegrAda 4.0.1; CAIS (DoD-STD-1838, 9 Oct 86); MSDOS 3.3, Meridian Ada 3.x)]

  4. software-package: (cli.abs,96 KBytes) This package provides a universal and portable interface to the arguments typed on a command line when a program is invoked. [NR]

  5. software-package: (sintf.abs,449 KBytes) This Standard-Interface-package is used to parse a line of arguments expressed in Ada and to create a paginated output file with a standardized header and/or footer.

  6. software-package: (clp.abs,20 KBytes) Command_Line_Processor (CLP) provides a target-independent consistent command line interface which is based on the package CLI2. [ES (IBM PC (Meridian Ada); Sun (Verdix Ada); VAX (DEC Ada))]

  7. software-package: (lparse.abs,17 KBytes) LINE_PARSER is a package which parses strings, returning tokens from them in a manner similar to ARGC/ARGV under UNIX. [ES (SUN 3/260 with Verdix VADS 5.41 and 5.5i)]

  8. software-package: (parser.abs,14 KBytes) PARSER is a generic parser that functions in a manner similar to the ARGC/ARGV parser of UNIX. It contains one procedure, PARSE, which accepts a string as input and returns ARGC, a count of the number of tokens in the string, and ARGV, a vector of strings, each string containing a token. [ES (DG MV10000 (ROLM ADE) and DEC VAX 11/785 (DEC Ada))]

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