Database Management

  1. software-package: (mims.abs,84 KBytes) An integrated data management system, automatic and manual update of the data, ad hoc data retrieval, building and maintaining displays as well as interaction with the working file, display transfers, and manual backup. [NR]

  2. software-package: (ada_sql.tgz,205 KBytes) Software associated with the development of a standard Ada DBMS interface (Ada/SQL) based on the dpANS Data Base Language SQL. [NR]

  3. software-package: (arps.tgz,479 KBytes) The Ada Report Production System (ARPS) provides the ability to specify and automatically generate reports from a relational database. Reports are created, maintained, and edited using an interactive report specification tool which provides for selection and specification of standard report formatting features and for database extraction using the Ada/SQL RDBMS interface.

  4. software-package: (datagen.tgz,154 KBytes) A data generator that enhances the usefulness of the Ada/SQL by providing capabilities to automatically populate test databases with test data and to integrate the current Data Definition Language (DDL) and Data Manipulation Language (DML) components of the Ada/SQL into the application program.

  5. software-package: (dadaism.tgz,879 KBytes) A prototype that manages all user and system-generated data in the form of database objects and manages higher level information on each of these objects in the form of database directories and dictionaries.

  6. software-package: (abst406.tgz,17 KBytes) SQL/Ada Module Extensions (SAME) Standard Packages (ISO Version) (CMU-Version,44 KBytes)

  7. software-package: (abst159.tgz,155 KBytes) Ada/SQL Bindings: provides automated support for SAME (SQL/Ada Module Extensions).

  8. software-package: (abst225.tgz,825 KBytes) Ada/SQL and CICS Bindings: An interface that binds Ada to the IBM CICS transaction-oriented applications.

  9. software-package: (irds.tgz,75 KBytes) Draft Ada language binding to the IRDS Services Interface. Defines an interface to describe and control an enterprise's information resources. IRDS interfaces to a Software Query Language (SQL) type of database using services in the form of function and procedure calls.

Database Management in other Ada Software Repositories

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