1. software-package: (nyadados.tgz,3147 KBytes) Ada/Ed version 1.11.2, an Ada translator-interpreter for Unix-based machines and 386/486 machines running MS-DOS/PC-DOS. The distribution contains all sources, documentation, the Makefile, and some shell scripts used in building Ada/Ed. load files separately (Version 1.11.0a,5895 KBytes,load files separately))

  2. software-package: (gwadados.tgz,3549 KBytes) Source code and executables for GW-Ada/Ed, which consists of the NYU Ada/Ed translator/interpreter system for DOS, together with an integrated editor and extended runtime facility, with interesting kinds of source tracing. [ES (386/DOS)] load files separately (Older Version,1638 KBytes,load files separately))

  3. software-package: (smadados.tgz,128 KBytes) Small Ada 1991: a compiler/interpreter for the "Pascal subset" of the Ada language, plus the Ada tasking support. It is not intended ever to be a full Ada compiler, rather a vehicle for teaching, learning, and experimenting with concurrent programming. The compiler is quite fast, producing P-code which is then interpreted by the interpreter. [ES (PC/DOS)]

  4. software-package: (gw-gnat.tgz,513 KBytes) GW-GNAT, an editor and developer shell for GNAT [ES (PC)]

  5. software-package: (adacaps.tgz,626 KBytes) AdaCAPS - Program Development Environment for GNAT under MS-DOS [ES (PC)]

  6. software-package: (ez2load.tgz,15616 KBytes) ez2load, an easy-install kit of free Ada 83 and Ada 95 compilers and editors, and a shareware tutorial for Ada 95. load files separately

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