1. software-package: (cais.tgz,495 KBytes) Software associated with the Common APSE Interface Set (CAIS). The CAIS is defined in MIL-STD-1838.[NR]

  2. software-package: (abst147.tgz,40 KBytes) Tools to interface between Ada and an operating system. The package is modeled on the POSIX interface for AIX but may be implemented on other environments as well.

  3. software-package: (abst228.tgz,1138 KBytes) Terminal Interface Package, Building Blocks: A set of interrelated packages designed to allow users to interface with screen, keyboard, utility, and operating system input/output features.

  4. software-package: (filemgr.abs,64 KBytes) The File_Manager provides routines to manipulate closed files. It provides procedures to rename, copy, move, delete and expand a name containing wild card characters to a list of filenames. Warning: the package body is host dependent (VMS) therefore not portable.

  5. software-package: (vaxtape.abs,34 KBytes) Vax_Tape, it's supporting packages, and the acompaning CLI's, provide a capability to write text files on a Vax compatible, ANSI standard, tape on a Data General MV10000.[NR]

  6. software-package: (fget.abs,14 KBytes) Package FGET manipulates an object which is a text file. Its main purpose is to return characters from this file, allowing one-character look-ahead. [ES (DG MV 10000, ROLM ADE; DEC VAX 11/785, DEC Ada)]

  7. software-package: (flister.abs,61 KBytes) FILE_LISTER is an abstract state machine which manipulates a linked list of file names. Test programs included. [ES (SUN 3/260, Verdix VADS 5.41 and 5.5 i)]

  8. software-package: (filecomp.abs,95 KBytes) This generic package contains routines to compare two ASCII files. It produces as output a side-by-side listing of both files, showing their differences in a very readable format, and also produces an update deck which can be used to provide a mapping between the two files. [ES (DG MV10000, ROLM ADE; VAX 11/780, DEC ACS; RATIONAL R1000; Sequent DYNIX, VADS; Sun/3 UNIX, VADS)]

  9. software-package: (iofile.abs,31 KBytes) A package INPUT_FILE which manipulates an input file composed of ASCII text lines and a package OUTPUT_FILE which manipulates a file composed of ASCII text lines. [ES (SUN 3/260 with Verdix VADS 5.41 and 5.5i)]

  10. software-package: (namelist.abs,23 KBytes) NAMELIST - An input package which implements the FORTRAN NAMELIST capability. [ES (VAX 11/780, VMS 4.4, DEC Ada)]

  11. software-package: (vlengthi.abs,121 KBytes) This package allows the user to write elements of differing lengths to a single direct access file. [ES (VAX 11/785, VMS 4.1, DEC Ada)]

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