Graphical User Interfaces

  1. software-package: (abst241.tgz,1484 KBytes) Computer Graphics/Graphic Kernel System (GKS)

  2. software-package: (xwin.tgz,1325 KBytes) An Ada binding to the X Window System and the X Toolkit for X11R1 from SAIC (San Diego)

  3. software-package: (abst160.tgz,230 KBytes) Ada/X Toolkit: Ada Binding to Xlib and implementation of Xt Intrinsics and Athena widget set. Architecture description and Interface Style Guide are provided as well. This is based on the X Toolkit from SAIC and has been extended and upgraded to X11R4. [ES (Sun-4/SunOS-4.1.1, Verdix Ada (VADS) or Telesoft TeleGen2 1.4A)]

  4. software-package: (abst453_454.tgz,1593 KBytes) RGB (Reusable Graphical Browser, version 1.0) and its users manual: a software component to facilitate the construction of various browsing tools by serving as the user interface component of those tools.

  5. software-package: (abst418_419.tgz,917 KBytes) PCTE Browser Tool and its User Manual (version 1.0): a tool designed to graphically display parts of a PCTE object base.

  6. software-package: (formgen.abs,453 KBytes) Tools for the generation of forms for use by Ada programs. The forms generator will display and accept input into a form (in a screen-oriented fashion via the virtual terminal) in such a way that this mechanism is transparent to the Ada program using it.[NR]

  7. software-package: (mman.tgz,113 KBytes) This Menu Manager Package allows users to create and modify any display menus without requiring any modification of the Menu Manager programs. It processes menu definitions written in a menu definition language and residing in external files. [CS(VAX/DEC Ada)]

  8. software-package: (mmgr.tgz,152 KBytes) VIDEO is a menu manager package that provide application programmers with the ability to run various application systems from a menu driven user interface. [NR]

  9. software-package: (abst415_416.tgz,7998 KBytes) Environment/Tool Integrator (ETI, Version 1.1) and users manual. The ETI is a windowing framework for accessing software tools. It allows users to define tool categories that are appropriate for a specific project and the interfaces for accessing individual tools.

  10. software-package: (serpent.taz,9651 KBytes) Serpent: a user interface management system (UIMS) which supports the development and implementation of user interfaces, providing an editor to specify the user interface and a runtime system that enables communication between the application and the end user.

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