Networking and Distributed Processing

  1. software-package: (ddn.tgz,353 KBytes) Tools and components related to the Defense Data Network, its file transfer, mail, and communications facilities. Implementations of the TCP/IP communications protocol, the FTP file transfer tool, and the SMTP mail handler are included.

  2. software-package: (simulatn.abs,496 KBytes) Programs and tools associated with performing simulations, such as queuing simulations.[NR]

  3. software-package: (abst232.tgz,336 KBytes) Secure File Transfer Program (SFTP): An architecture with the capability to send and receive files across a multilevel secure network.

  4. software-package: (abst247.tgz,114 KBytes) Ada Binding to Xmodem and Kermit Network Protocol

  5. software-package: (abst227.tgz,479 KBytes) Remote Procedure Call Toolkit (RPC): a collection of facilities defining a layered hierarchy of communication protocols

  6. software-package: (abst220.tgz,293 KBytes) Rapid Storage/Retrieval of Reusable Components (RSR): An integrated set of general-purpose storage, search, and retrieval tools designed to support massive distributed internet systems on heterogeneous hardware.

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