Project Management

  1. software-package: (,112 KBytes) Ada metric analyzer & software cost estimator [ES (486 PC, MSDOS 6.0, Windows 3.1, 620K TPA)]

  2. software-package: (manpower.abs,40 KBytes) The MANPOWER program based on the Simple Boehm Model produces manpower loading curves for several calculated schedules based on the number of lines of code and type of system. [NR]

  3. software-package: (pplanner.tgz,107 KBytes) Cost Estimation Tool: uses the COCOMO model; produces man-power and schedule estimates. The project scheduler is based on SIMPERT which is a Monte Carlo simulation and review technique. It produces critical path and schedule, the probability of completing on schedule, and Gantt chart graphics. [NR]

  4. software-package: (rt.tgz,115 KBytes) This tool is used to trace routines and declarations in the source code back to specific paragraphs in a requirements document. For each requirement referenced in a source file, the output listing shows,what program units reference that requirement. [ES(Dec Ada / VMS)]

  5. software-package: (tracker.tgz,124 KBytes) The TRACKER program tracks the progress within projects and generates reports, estimates time to complete a project, and estimates project requirements. [NR]

  6. software-package: (abst243.tgz,944 KBytes) Configuration Management Assistant (CMA) for Ada: A software tool that assists configuration management by recording and retrieving descriptions of configurations and the set of entities of which they are composed.

  7. software-package: (abst413.abs,2380 KBytes) Reuse Economics Spreadsheet Model (RESSM): support for analyzing the potential impact of various reuse strategies on the overall cost of software development, and for examining the effect that varying different reuse parameters has on the total software development cost (implemented in Microsoft Excel). [ES(DOC; Mac)]

  8. software-package: (abst226_230.tgz,568 KBytes) C3I Decision Aid Software that minimizes planning time, reduces personnel requirements, and improves decision process effectiveness, including tools for mission planning.

  9. software-package: (,112 KBytes) Ada metric analyzer & software cost estimator [ES (486 PC, MSDOS 6.0, Windows 3.1, 620K TPA)]

  10. software-package: (constrct.abs,173 KBytes) This tool performs the minimal number of system commands to bring a project up to date given that changes to project files have occurred. [ES(Intellimac 7000M/UNIX, Telesoft unvalidated)]

  11. software-package: (cdupdate.abs,54 KBytes) This generic package contains routines to perform file revision control. Given a baseline ASCII file, and one or more update decks stored in a single file, it generates an updated or downdated version of the baseline. [ES (DG MV10000, ROLM ADE; VAX 11/780, DEC ACS; RATIONAL R1000)]

  12. software-package: (,226 KBytes) Planning and Optimization Tools. This package provides tools for mission planning.[NR]

  13. software-package: (,164 KBytes) Planning and Optimization Algorithms. There is no documentation available with this asset. [NR]

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