Various other Tools

  1. software-package: (vhdl.tgz,2255 KBytes) VHDL Repository from the Unversity of Cincinnati, including VHDL models, tools and test suite for 1076-1987 IEEE std VHDL language.

  2. software-package: (abst234.tgz,1906 KBytes) Tasking Ada Simulation Kit (TASKIT): A set of software tools that enable the model builder to use Ada as the development language for simulations. [CS (VAX)]

  3. software-package: (abst412.abs,22 KBytes) Event Set Manager Package: allows for managing pending events for a simulation model. There are functions to get a new event, to free an event, to schedule a future event to enter the event set, and to get the next event from the event set. [NR]

  4. software-package: (abst418_419.tgz,917 KBytes) PCTE Browser Tool and User Manual: a tool designed to graphically display parts of a PCTE object base (Version 1.0)

  5. software-package: (abst453_454.tgz,1593 KBytes) RGB (Reusable Graphical Browser, Version 1.0) and its users manual: a software component to facilitate the construction of various browsing tools by serving as the user interface component of those tools.

  6. software-package: (dartes.tgz,250 KBytes) Ada Real-Time Software, developed of the Avionics Case Study of the Real-Time Scheduling in Ada (RTSIA) project. This includes DARTES (Design of Ada for Real-Time Embedded Systems) Evaluator Source Code, test files, Runtime and User Event Logging Package, etc.

  7. software-package: (calc.abs,30 KBytes) On-line calculator function.[NR]

  8. software-package: (prp.tgz,258 KBytes) PROP_LINK : an interactive program to evaluate the signal performance and noise of a set of RF propagation links. [ES (TeleSoft 1.5)]

  9. software-package: (wmgs.abs,514 KBytes) Map Generator: Inputs from operator will define map details, define and label fixed points. Generator allows views of the earth from different projections, incorporates zoom capability, displays specified areas of interest.[NR]

  10. software-package: (imagepro.tgz,546 KBytes) Image Processing Packages: image processing operations, including neighborhood operations, point operations, histogram operations, and morphological operations.

  11. software-package: (abst219.tgz,44 KBytes) Universal Filenames (UFN) Tool: UFN establishes a universal file naming standard and provides mapping of the universal filenames to UNIX, DOS and VMS file naming conventions.

  12. software-package: (asynntry.abs,18 KBytes) This generic package provides a task which can be used to create asynchronous entry calls to a task entry. It simulates asynchronous entry calls by creating a queue of tasks that call the task entry. [ES (VAX 8650/VMS)]

  13. software-package: (cpa.abs,4 KBytes) CPA - Compools in Ada. Definitions for the compool like structure in Ada. This structure is similar to a common block. [ES (VAX 11/780, VMS 4.4, DEC Ada)]

  14. software-package: (a970.abs,97 KBytes) Programming the TVI 970 terminal from a file, setting a variety of its features.[NR]

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