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About Bauhaus
What is the Bauhaus toolkit?

The Bauhaus toolkit is a set of tools to extract, analyze, query, and visualize information about existing software.

Why should Bauhaus interest you?
  • you inherited a legacy system with obsolete documentation
  • your architecture deteriorates due to ad-hoc changes
  • you want to mine your software for reusable assets
  • you want to build a software product line from existing systems
  • you may have a large code base you lost control on
  • you bought or are about to buy source code and need to judge its quality
  • your manual code audits are too costly and unreliable because of the increasing size of your system and the many hidden effects
What can Bauhaus do for you?
  • it lets you conduct detailed code audits effectively and efficiently
  • it helps you to understand your program in the small and in the large
  • it supports you in reconstructing the software architecture from source code
What does Bauhaus offer?

Bauhaus offers a wide range of techniques: source code metrics, pointer analyses, side-effect analyses, data flow analyses, program slicing, code duplication techniques, static tracing, query techniques, source code navigation and visualization, object recovery, remodularization, architecture recovery techniques, and more.

Institute of Software Technology, University of Stuttgart

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