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Feature location

You need to know where a set of features has been implemented in your code? You want to understand the commonalities and variabilities of the implementations of the different features?

Then you should use the award-winning feature location in Bauhaus. (We received the best paper award at the International Conference on Software Maintenance 2001 out of 163 submissions for describing our new technique.)

All you need is a set of test cases that invoke the features you are interested in. The remaining steps are automatic.

  1. The test cases are executed and the routines invoked are recorded by a standard profiler.
  2. The test cases and invoked routines are analyzed by a mathematical technique, called concept analysis. The result is a so-called concept lattice. This lattice classifies the routines according to their feature specificity and gives many additional insights in the relation of the features and routines of your program.
  3. You may use this information to browse your source code starting with the routines that are specific to a feature and continuing with the routines that serve many features.

Feature location process

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