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Facing software reality with warts and all...
Analyze, understand, evaluate, and improve your software with Bauhaus

We proudly announce that Bauhaus received a prize at the DoIT Award 2003 for outstanding scientific achievements of universities in the German state Baden-Württemberg. Form your own opinion and join us for a ride through the world of program analysis and architecture reconstruction with Bauhaus. This guided tour illustrates the Bauhaus capabilities by analyzing a real system.

A guide on the guide (tips on this guided tour): Below you find the sections of this guided tour. All the pages in these sections have three buttons at their top. These buttons take you from one section to the next or previous one or back to this page, respectively.

We recommend to start with the first link "About Bauhaus" and then simply to continue with the "Next" button. This gives you a complete journey through Bauhaus. Alternatively, if you have little time, you may just check out those sections tagged cool stuff to visit the most interesting corners of Bauhaus.

Off you go. Have a great journey.

Disclaimer: The Bauhaus toolkit has been successfully used to help in real industrial settings on large and complex programs. Yet, Bauhaus is also a research framework with more experimental features: We are not just using advanced technology, we are also inventing it. We ship experimental parts of Bauhaus only upon specific request. The mature parts are marked with a blue rectangle in the following list, the experimental parts with a black rectangle.

About Bauhaus
Background about Bauhaus
The unknown system
Background about the system to be analyzed in this guided tour
Program Analyses
Analyze your source text

mature Extract the information
experimental Resolve pointers
experimental Uncover side effects
experimental Uncover control and data dependencies cool stuff
mature Distinguish harmless pointers
Code anomalies
mature Detect duplicated code cool stuff
mature Measure code attributes
mature Detect dead code
Error detection
experimental Find uninitialized variables
experimental Trace objects statically cool stuff
Architectural understanding
Reconstruct and analyze your software architecture
mature Component mining cool stuff
mature Component interfaces and dependencies cool stuff
mature Architecture resonstruction and validation cool stuff
mature Feature location cool stuff

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