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Bauhaus Demo

A guided tour through Bauhaus as a set of HTML pages highlighting the main capabilities of the Bauhaus toolkit is available online. Part of this guided tour are automatically generated web pages showing detailed information on a program under analysis. The corresponding files can be very large. If you are connected through a slow network, you might prefer to download all web pages in one compressed archive: If you are connected through a slow modem, you might prefer to download one of the following archives that do not contain the automatically generated files:

Academic Contact

Martin Wittiger
Abteilung Programmiersprachen und Übersetzerbau
Institut für Softwaretechnologie
Universität Stuttgart
Universitätsstr. 38
70569 Stuttgart
phone: +49-711-685-88284
fax: +49-711-685-88380

Rainer Koschke
Arbeitsgruppe Softwaretechnik
Universität Bremen
Bauhaus Group
Linzer Str. 9a
28359 Bremen
phone: +49-421-218-2421
phone: +49-421-218-9671
fax: +49-421-218-4322

Commercial Contact

For commercial use of the Bauhaus Tools, please refer to

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