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Computer Science at University of Stuttgart : Publications

Master Theses

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Year 2017

  • Brunn, Malte: Coupling of Particle Simulation and Lattice Boltzmann Background Flow on Adaptive Grids, Master Thesis No. 36, 2017.
  • Nemet, Markus: Aktualisierung und Änderungsweitergabe in Workflow-Choreographien, Master Thesis No. 101, 2017.
  • Schäfer, Patrik: Finding Relevant Videos in Big Data Environments - How to Utilize Graph Processing Systems for Video Retrieval, Master Thesis No. 123, 2017.

Year 2015

  • Fuchs, Steffen: Inferring Object Hypotheses Based on Feature Motion from Di erent Sources, Master Thesis No. 15, 2015.
  • Metz, Balduin: Refinement and Extension of the Cloud Decision Support Framework for Application Migration to the Cloud, Master Thesis No. 10, 2015.
  • Phadnis, Prasad Ravindra: Consolidation of Process Models that Interact via Compensation Handlers, Master Thesis No. 2015.
  • Roth, Jonathan: Reduktion des Speicherverbrauchs generierter SKilL-Zustände, Master Thesis No. 19, 2015.
  • Ruf, Boitumelo: Ein echtzeitnaher Ansatz für Structure-from-Motion, Master Thesis No. 11, 2015.
  • Scheufele, Klaudius: Robust Quasi-Newton Methods for Partitioned Fluid-Structure Simulations, Master Thesis No. 14, 2015.
  • Schnelle, Niklas: Unified Routing and Map Rendering, Master Thesis No. 28, 2015.
  • Siddam, Nagarjuna: Consistent Splitting of Event Streams in Parallel Complex Event Processing, Master Thesis No. 02020004, 2015.
  • Tilk, Maren: Sat-basierte Überprüfung der Fehlersicherheit von Schaltungen, Master Thesis No. 8, 2015.
  • Vincke, Jonah: From Speech Recognition to Instruction Learning, Master Thesis No. 13, 2015.
  • Waldvogel, Claudio: Specification and Runtime Extraction of Enterprise Application Architectures for Expert-Guided Performance Problem Diagnosis, Master Thesis No. 21, 2015.
  • Wenz, Kevin: Entwicklung eines Systems zur kontinuierlichen Integration für autonome Roboter, Master Thesis No. 22, 2015.
  • Wolter, Norman: Konzept und Implementierung für Choreographiecontainer, Master Thesis No. 9, 2015.

Year 2014

  • Afzal, Muhammad: Design and Implementation of a Fault Tolerant VHDL Switch with Reconfigurable Routing Tables, Master Thesis No. 3589, 2014.
  • Agrawal, Sugandha: A Service-oriented and Cloud-based Statistical Analysis Framework, Master Thesis No. 3670, 2014.
  • Ahmed, Ibrahim: Reliable Routing Table Reconfiguration for On-chip Network Switches, Master Thesis No. 3664, 2014.
  • Alam, Nazmul: Language Independent Modelling of Parallelism, Master Thesis No. 3554, 2014.
  • Cecolin, Riccardo: Compositing Concepts for the Presentation of Graphical Application Windows on Embedded, Master Thesis No. 3619, 2014.
  • Chawla, Gaurav: Optimizing the Resource utilization of Enterprise Content management workloads through measured performance baselines and dynamic topology adaptation, Master Thesis No. 3663, 2014.
  • Das, Darsana: Integrating Cloud Service Deployment Automation With Software Defined Environments, Master Thesis No. 3567, 2014.
  • Das, Sanjib: Analysis and Simulation of Scheduling Techniques for Real-Time Embedded Multi-core Architectures, Master Thesis No. 3578, 2014.
  • Dessouky, Ghada: Design and Implementation of Adaptive On-Chip Memory Management for FPGA- based Image Processing Architectures, Master Thesis No. 3525, 2014.
  • Eisfeld, Andrej: Entwurf und Analyse von Konzepten zur effizienten Datenübertragung von Grafikrendering-Befehlen auf eingebetteten Systemen, Master Thesis No. 1, 2014.
  • Genena, Lobna: Real Time Image Sequence Decoding and Rendering on Multicore Architecture, Master Thesis No. 3529, 2014.
  • Georoceanu, Radu: Extending Parking Assistance for Automative User Interfaces, Master Thesis No. 3522, 2014.
  • Gosavi, Siddharth; Sunil: Machine Learning Methods for Fault Classification, Master Thesis No. 3580, 2014.
  • Hafiz; Khan, Golam: Simulation of Multi-core Scheduling in Real-Time Embedded Systems, Master Thesis No. 3556, 2014.
  • Hanumantharayappa, Arun: Enabling Horizontal Scalability in an open source Enterprise Services Bus, Master Thesis No. 3545, 2014.
  • Hintermayer, Kerstin: Modellierung und Ausführung einer gekoppelten Festkörpersimulation mit Workflow-Choreographien, Master Thesis No. 3643, 2014.
  • Jaber, Mustafa: REST compliant clients for REST APIs, Master Thesis No. 3703, 2014.
  • Jeerghi, Praveen: Embedded High-Performance Data Acquisition System Based on FPGAs, Master Thesis No. 3626, 2014.
  • Ma, Hua: Concepts and Metrics for Measurement and Prediction of the Execution Time of GPU Rendering Commands, Master Thesis No. 3635, 2014.
  • Maurer, Daniel: Depth-Driven Variational Methods for Stereo Reconstruction, Master Thesis No. 3, 2014.
  • Mehlbeer, Florentin: Mixed-Integer Linear Programming Applied to Temporal Planning of Concurrent Actions, Master Thesis No. 5, 2014.
  • Metias, Mina: Combing Multiple gesture Sensing Technologies to Interact with Public Displays, Master Thesis No. 3560, 2014.
  • Mindermann, Kai: Erweiterung der automatischen statischen Codeanalyse um Social Coding, Master Thesis No. 6, 2014.
  • Ranjan, Sunny: Large-scale Data Mining Analytics Based on MapReduce, Master Thesis No. 3699, 2014.
  • Sánchez, Roberto: Dynamic Deployment of Specialized ESB instances in the Cloud, Master Thesis No. 3671, 2014.
  • Straßer, Florian: Rechnerunterstützte Problemformulierung in der Entwurfsoptimierung: Ein internetgestützter Ansatz, Master Thesis No. 2, 2014.
  • Valentin, Julian: Hierarchische Optimierung mit Gradientenverfahren auf Dünngitterfunktionen, Master Thesis No. 3629, 2014.
  • Wang, Mingyuan: Analyse von Algorithmen zur Bahnverbindungssuche, Master Thesis No. 3622, 2014.
  • Yasemin, Benli-Karabulut: Cloud-Dienste für Unternehmens-Datenbank, Master Thesis No. 7, 2014.

Year 2013

  • Abdelrahman, Yomna: Thermal Imaging for Interactive Surfaces, Master Thesis No. 3478, 2013.
  • Alexander, John; Vega, Velandia: Conceptualization and implementation of a prototype for realistic simulation of vehicles, Master Thesis No. 3507, 2013.
  • Almheidat, Ahmad N.: Analysis of Cache Usability on Modern Real-Time Systems, Master Thesis No. 3409, 2013.
  • Aly, Mahy: Development and Evaluation of an Assistive System using Hand Recognition and Motivating Elements, Master Thesis No. 3465, 2013.
  • Ashraf, Umair: Securing Cloud Applications with Two-Factor Authentication, Master Thesis No. 3452, 2013.
  • Bhowmik, Sukanya: Distributed Control Algorithms for Adapting Publish/Subscribe in Software Defined Networks, Master Thesis No. 3498, 2013.
  • Dadashov, Elkhan: Choreography-based Business Process Consolidation in One-To-Many interactions, Master Thesis No. 3574, 2013.
  • Dapperheld, Moritz: Entwicklung analysebasierter Optimierungsmuster zur Verbesserung von Fertigungsprozessen, Master Thesis No. 3417, 2013.
  • Darsow, Alexander: Decision Support for Application Migration to the Cloud, Master Thesis No. 3572, 2013.
  • Francato, Arturo: Energy-proportional Machines for Cloud Data Centers, Master Thesis No. 3586, 2013.
  • Gao, Yuan: Optimization of Service Following in Automotive Radio by Applying Service Landscape Memory, Master Thesis No. 3479, 2013.
  • Georgiev, Zdravko: Simulation-Based Analysis For NBTI Degradation In Combinational CMOS VLSI Circuits, Master Thesis No. 3436, 2013.
  • Javier, Aguilera Diez: Implementation of an Optimized Distance Function for Retrieval and Similarity Comparison of Non-rotational Parts, Master Thesis No. 3374, 2013.
  • Kharatyan, Gurgen: Evaluation of Design Level Parallelism in Embedded Image Processing Architectures for Window-Based Image Processing Algorithms, Master Thesis No. 3550, 2013.
  • Krishnan, SreedharMahadevan: Design and Implementation of a Hardware Architecture for Multiple-Object Tracking, Master Thesis No. 3539, 2013.
  • Lamllari, Rilinda: Extending a Methodology for Migration of the Database Layer to the Cloud Considering Relational Database Schema Migration to NoSQL, Master Thesis No. 3460, 2013.
  • Ma, Sijia: Analysis of Hierarchical Design Methodology for FPGA Hardware Design, Master Thesis No. 3524, 2013.
  • Mahajan, Sumeet: Device Selection Algorithm for Mobile Traffic Offloading, Master Thesis No. 3407, 2013.
  • Mathew, Lijo: Benchmarking the Co-Processing Capabilities of FPGA´s under High Level Language Conditions for Computing Intensive Applications in Image Processing and Matrix Algebra, Master Thesis No. 3553, 2013.
  • Mishra, Gagan Bihari: Providing in-network content-based routing using OpenFlow, Master Thesis No. 3450, 2013.
  • Munk, Peter: Visualization of Scheduling in Real-Time Embedded Systems, Master Thesis No. 3372, 2013.
  • Nasir, Umair: Color Balance in LASER Scanner Point Clouds, Master Thesis No. 3477, 2013.
  • Nayak, Naresh: Accelerated Computation using Runtime Partial Reconfiguration, Master Thesis No. 3491, 2013.
  • Petrut Draghici, Viorel: Concepts and Realization of Quality of Data driven Simulation Workflows in BPEL, Master Thesis No. 3463, 2013.
  • Pintilie, Ana Cristina: Statistical Analysis and Comparative Visualization of Cellular Particle-based Simulations, Master Thesis No. 3422, 2013.
  • Riaz, Zohaib: Optimized Position Update Protocols for Secure and Efficient Position Sharing, Master Thesis No. 3458, 2013.
  • Shah, Shishir: A Resource Efficient and Adaptive IP-Core for Display Technology, Master Thesis No. 3593, 2013.
  • Stuhlmüller, Patrick: Integration strukturierter und unstrukturierter Daten zur Prozessoptimierung, Master Thesis No. 3490, 2013.
  • Tanveer, Waqas: DEVELOPMENT OF GENERIC SCHEDULING CONCEPTS FOR Open GL ES 2.0, Master Thesis No. 3385, 2013.
  • Tawfik, Mina: Design and Implementation of a High Throughput Image Processing Architecture for Streamed Data, Master Thesis No. 3438, 2013.
  • Vetlugin, Andrey: A Process Insight Repository supporting Process Optimization, Master Thesis No. 3402, 2013.
  • Wang, Jiling: Online Self-Test Wrapper for Runtime-Reconfigurable Systems, Master Thesis No. 3439, 2013.
  • Xia, Simin: Extending an Open Source Enterprise Service Bus for SQL Statement Transformation to Enable Cloud Data Access, Master Thesis No. 3506, 2013.
  • Zhang, Shihao: Delay Characterization in FPGA-based Reconfigurable Systems, Master Thesis No. 3505, 2013.

Year 2012

  • Abdallah lssa, Salama: Energy-efficient Cloud Computing Application Solutions and Architectures, Master Thesis No. 3349, 2012.
  • Antoni, Martin: 3D Video Tracking and Localization of Underwater Swarm Robots, Master Thesis No. 3310, 2012.
  • Buntoro, David Prasetyo: Modeling of Design-for-test infrastructure in complex Systems-on-chips, Master Thesis No. 3304, 2012.
  • Burkow, Alexej: LTL- Erfüllbarkeitsprüfung für inkrementelle Entwicklung von Geschäftsprozessen, Master Thesis No. 3386, 2012.
  • Girgis, Michael: Assessing the Impact of Interactivity on Recall and Recognition, Master Thesis No. 3392, 2012.
  • Hassib, Mariam: Mental Task Classification Using Single-Electrode Brain Computer Interfaces, Master Thesis No. 3393, 2012.
  • Idrees, Kamran: Data Structures and Algorithms in Unified Parallel C for Molecular Dynamics, Master Thesis No. 3355, 2012.
  • Louka, Christine: Implementation of an Interactive Visualization Tool for Analyzing Dynamic Hierarchies, Master Thesis No. 3340, 2012.
  • Megally, Mirna: Information Extraction from Social Media for Route Planning, Master Thesis No. 3413, 2012.
  • Parker, Michael Lee: Development of procedures and evaluation strategies for novel field-effect transistor sensors, Master Thesis No. 3249, 2012.
  • Ramalingam, Anand Babu: Cloud Migration - a Reference Process Model, Master Thesis No. 3348, 2012.
  • Reza, Mohsin: Adaptation of the Data Access Layer to Enable Cloud Data Access, Master Thesis No. 3305, 2012.
  • Ruparelia, Sameer: Implementation of Watershed Based Image Segmentation Algorithm in FPGA, Master Thesis No. 3256, 2012.
  • Uralov, Mansur: Extending an Open Source Enterprise Service Bus for Dynamic Discovery and Selection of Cloud Data Hosting Solutions based on WS-Policy, Master Thesis No. 3347, 2012.
  • Voicu, Petru: Design and Implementation of an FPGA-based Hardware/Software Platform to Accelerate Algorithms, Master Thesis No. 3394, 2012.
  • Weiß, Andreas: Merging of TOSCA Cloud Topology Templates, Master Thesis No. 3341, 2012.

Year 2011

  • Ahmed, Silvia: Parallel hardware architecture for JPEG-LS based on domain decomposition using context sets, Master Thesis No. 3216, 2011.
  • Arefin, Sams Ul: Event-based Automated Management of Cloud Applications, Master Thesis No. 3142, 2011.
  • Badr, Eid: Reliability Solutions for a Smart digital Factory using:(1)RFID based CEP (2)Image Processing based Error Detection (3)RFID based HCI, Master Thesis No. 3153, 2011.
  • Bannoura, Amir: Design and Implementation of an Efficient Message Dissemination Protocol for Public Sensing, Master Thesis No. 3177, 2011.
  • Boktor, Andrew: Development of an Error Detection and Recovery Technique for a SPARC V8 Processor in FPGA Technology, Master Thesis No. 3097, 2011.
  • Chanda, Debasish: Memory-ecient Lossless Video Compression Using Temporal Extended JPEG-LS and On-line Compression, Master Thesis No. 3254, 2011.
  • Essl, Stefan: Extending an Open Source Enterprise Service Bus for Multi-Tenancy Support, Master Thesis No. 3166, 2011.
  • Gosswami, Bishwajit Mohan: Implementing Density Functional Theory (DFT)Methods on Many-core GPGPU Accelerators by Bishwajit Mohan Gosswami, Master Thesis No. 3221, 2011.
  • Hou, Jie: Network Performance Improvement of open MPI on Windows HPC Cluster, Master Thesis No. 3072, 2011.
  • Hummel, Markus: Die Bedeutung von Open-Source-Software für Cloud Computing in KMU, Master Thesis No. 3240, 2011.
  • Knura, Martin: Identification and Visualization of Key Ecological Indicators, Master Thesis No. 3233, 2011.
  • Krishnappa, Mahesh: Parallel architectural design space exploration for real-time image compression, Master Thesis No. 3195, 2011.
  • Mohamed, Salem El Sayed: Analysis and Optimization of Storage IO in Distributed and Massive Parallel High Performance Systems, Master Thesis No. 3196, 2011.
  • Ochoa, Jeimy Catherine Millán: Design and development of a localization system for a sensor network in collective symbiotic organisms, Master Thesis No. 3137, 2011.
  • Stachowiak, Jaroslaw: Optimized Acquisition of Spatially Distributed Phenomena in Public Sensing Systems, Master Thesis No. 3188, 2011.
  • Wahaj Sethi, Muhammad: Hybrid Parallel Computing beyond MPI&OpenMp-Introducing PGAS&StarSs, Master Thesis No. 3215, 2011.
  • Wang, Pinglei: Concepts for an Intuitive User Interface for DLNA Using NFC Technology, Master Thesis No. 3176, 2011.

Year 2010

  • Dallou, Tamer: Software-Based Self-Test For SUN's UltraSPARC T2 SoC, Master Thesis No. 2955, 2010.
  • Grob, Thomas: Implementation of a FPGA-based Interface to a High Speed Image Sensor, Master Thesis No. 2993, 2010.
  • Lui, Shuo: Evaluation of FPGA/Host Communication Based on Ethernet, Master Thesis No. 2946, 2010.
  • Mahmoud, Ahmed: Machine Learning in Physical Cryptography, Master Thesis No. 3048, 2010.
  • Martin, Juan Jose Sanz: Recognition of motion patterns based on mobile device sensor data, Master Thesis No. 3010, 2010.
  • Mheidat, Moath: Development of Stochastic Floating Point for Numerical Accuracy Analysis, Master Thesis No. 3071, 2010.
  • Ravindran, Dinesh: Evaluation of a Novel General Purpose Coprocessor Architecture based on Programmable Finite State Machine Technology, Master Thesis No. 3051, 2010.
  • Stankovic, Nenad: Hardware-accelerated continuous particle image velocimetry based on reconfigurable logic, Master Thesis No. 3050, 2010.
  • Traub, Johannes: Program Analysis and Probabilistic SAT-solving, Master Thesis No. 3120, 2010.

Year 2009

  • Cook, Alejandro: FPGA Emulation of a GALS Network-on-Chip Interconnection, Master Thesis No. 2813, 2009.
  • Gong, Xiaowei: Verwaltung des Volltext-Indexes in einem dynamischen, verteilten Content Management System, Master Thesis No. 2914, 2009.
  • Marszalek, Piotr: Implementation and access optimization of a database containing 3D laser scanned objects, Master Thesis No. 2916, 2009.

Year 2008

  • Saez, Pablo Toledano: Real Time Robot Controller Framework Based on Cell/B.E. Architecture, Master Thesis No. 2777, 2008.

Year 2007

  • Kasimoglu, Ozan: Eclipse Based Frontend to Layout Navigation for Precision Diagnosis, Master Thesis No. 2668, 2007.