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Computer Science at University of Stuttgart : Publications

Technical Reports

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Year 2017

  • No. 01:  Felden, Timm: The SKilL Language V1.0, Technical Report No. 2017/01.
  • No. 02:  Eusterbrock, Linus; Barzen, Johanna; Hentschel, Frank: Eine Ontologie symphonischer Musik des 19. Jahrhunderts, Technical Report No. 2017/02.
  • No. 03:  Mayer, Ruben; Slo, Ahmad; Rothermel, Kurt; Endler, Markus; Silva e Silva, Francisco J.: Supporting Heterogeneous Fault-Tolerance Requirements in Complex Event Processing, Technical Report No. 2017/03.

Year 2016

  • No. 01:  Barzen, Johanna; Leymann, Frank: Patterns as Formulas: Applying the Scientific Method to the Humanities, Technical Report No. 2016/01.
  • No. 02:  Schäfer, David Richard; Tariq, Muhammad Adnan; Rothermel, Kurt: Highly Available Process Executions, Technical Report No. 2016/02.
  • No. 03:  Nayak, Naresh Ganesh; Dürr, Frank; Rothermel, Kurt: Time-sensitive Software-defined Networks for Real-time Applications, Technical Report No. 2016/03.
  • No. 04:  Mayer, Ruben; Tariq, Muhammad Adnan; Rothermel, Kurt: Real-Time Batch Scheduling in Data-Parallel Complex Event Processing, Technical Report No. 2016/04.

Year 2015

  • No. 02:  Riaz, Zohaib; Rothermel, Kurt: On the Privacy of Frequently Visited User Locations, Technical Report No. 2015/02.
  • No. 169:  Söll, Daniel: GPGPU-basiertes Glyph-Raycasting, Technical Report No. 2015/169.
  • No. 18:  Fleischer, Lukas: Minimierung und effiziente Algorithmen für erkennende Homomorphismen über omega-regulären Sprachen, Technical Report No. 2015/18.
  • No. 207:  Tas, Ilhan: Wissensbasierte lexikalische Substitution, Technical Report No. 2015/207.
  • No. 2469:  Gutowksy, Stefan: Efficient Tele-Operation of a Robot Manipulator by Means of a Motion Capture Interface, Technical Report No. 2015/2469.

Year 2014

  • No. 01:  Carabelli, Ben William; Dürr, Frank; Koldehofe, Boris; Rothermel, Kurt: A Network Abstraction for Control Systems, Technical Report No. 2014/01.
  • No. 02:  Fehling, Christoph; Kötter, Falko; Leymann, Frank: Compliance Modeling - Formal Descriptors and Tools, Technical Report No. 2014/02.
  • No. 04:  Dürr, Frank; Kohler, Thomas: Comparing the Forwarding Latency of OpenFlow Hardware and Software Switches, Technical Report No. 2014/04.
  • No. 05:  Becker, Steffen; Hasselbring, Wilhelm; van Hoorn, Andre; Kounev, Samuel; Reussner, Ralf: Proceedings of the 2014 Symposium on Software Performance (SOSP '14): Joint Descartes/Kieker/Palladio Days, Technical Report No. 2014/05.
  • No. 06:  Baier, Patrick; Philipp, Damian; Dürr, Frank; Rothermel, Kurt: Quality-based Adaptive Positioning for Energy-Efficient Indoor Mapping, Technical Report No. 2014/06.
  • No. 100:  Haas, Stephan: Autonome Selbstlokalisierung und Tracking basierend auf Mobilfunkbasisstationen, Technical Report No. 2014/100.
  • No. 146:  Kleine, Christoph: Eine browserbasierte Entwicklungsumgebung für prozedurale Texturen, Technical Report No. 2014/146.
  • No. 204:  Miller, Alexander; Lekar, Dominik: Evaluation of Analysis and Visualization Tools for Performance Data, Technical Report No. 2014/204.
  • No. 3528:  Hartmann, Frederik: Routenplanung mit Nebenbedingungen, Technical Report No. 2014/3528.
  • No. 3531:  Liang, Siguang: Die Visualisierung dynamischer Graphen als Small Multiples, Technical Report No. 2014/3531.
  • No. 3535:  Rumberger, Reinhold: Ein interaktives Planungssystem für Ausbildungskurse, Technical Report No. 2014/3535.
  • No. 3565:  Pilipenko, Ivan: Appearance Transfer Augmented Reality, Technical Report No. 2014/3565.
  • No. 3570:  Konle, Sebastian: Überlagerung von charakterischen Linien, Technical Report No. 2014/3570.
  • No. 3575:  Hilbert, Maximilian: Architecture for a Cloud-based Vehicle Telematics Platform, Technical Report No. 2014/3575.
  • No. 3585:  Parameshwararn, Pradeep: Analysis and Design of Document Centric Workflows for automating tasks in a multi-tenant Cloud archive solution, Technical Report No. 2014/3585.

Year 2013

  • No. 01:  Görlach, Katharina: A Generic Transformation of Existing Service Composition Models to a Unified Model, Technical Report No. 2013/01.
  • No. 02:  Gansel, Simon; Schnitzer, Stephan; Gilbeau-Hammoud, Ahmad; Friesen, Viktor; Dürr, Frank; Rothermel, Kurt; Maihöfer, Christian: An Access Control Concept for Novel Automotive HMI Systems, Technical Report No. 2013/02.
  • No. 03:  Weiß, Andreas; Andrikopoulos, Vasilios; Gómez Sáez, Santiago; Karastoyanova, Dimka; Vukojevic-Haupt, Karolina: Modeling Choreographies using the BPEL4Chor Designer: an Evaluation Based on Case Studies, Technical Report No. 2013/03.
  • No. 04:  Barzen, Johanna: Taxonomien kostümrelevanter Parameter: Annäherung an eine Ontologisierung der Domäne des Filmkostüms, Technical Report No. 2013/04.
  • No. 05:  Nowak, Alexander; Leymann, Frank: An Overview on Implicit Green Business Process Patterns, Technical Report No. 2013/05.
  • No. 06:  Felden, Timm: The SKilL Language, Technical Report No. 2013/06.
  • No. 07:  Kufleitner, Manfred; Lauser, Alexander: Nesting Negations in FO^2 over Finite Words, Technical Report No. 2013/07.
  • No. 08:  Xiu, Mingzhu; Andrikopoulos, Vasilios: The Nefolog & MiDSuS Systems for Cloud Migration Support, Technical Report No. 2013/08.
  • No. 2421:  Minorics, Georg Robin: Digital Escape- Ein KI-basierter Algorithmus zur Steuerung von Mr.X Brettspiel "Scotland Yard", Technical Report No. 2013/2421.
  • No. 3453:  Pradhan, Subhasis: Person recognition and automated following using a low cost RGB-D sensor, Technical Report No. 2013/3453.
  • No. 52:  Müller, Michael: Klassifikation von Bewegungstrajektorien durch regularische Regression, Technical Report No. 2013/52.
  • No. 79:  Foril, Alexander: Unterstützung adaptiver Benutzungsschnittstellen mittels Eye-Tracking zur Erkennung von Expertise oder Verstehen, Technical Report No. 2013/79.
  • No. 80:  Sanwald, Tim: Verkehrsabhängiges Routing basierend auf TMC Nachrichten, Technical Report No. 2013/80.

Year 2012

  • No. 01:  Mancioppi, Michele; Danylevych, Olha: Awareness-based Realizability Analysis of Service Choreographies, Technical Report No. 2012/01.
  • No. 02:  Schumm, David; Fehling, Christoph; Karastoyanova, Dimka; Leymann, Frank; Rütschlin, Jochen: Processes for Human Integration in Automated Cloud Application Management, Technical Report No. 2012/02.
  • No. 03:  Kufleitner, Manfred; Lauser, Alexander: Lattices of Logical Fragments over Words, Technical Report No. 2012/03.
  • No. 04:  Dürr, Frank: Towards Cloud-assisted Software-defined Networking, Technical Report No. 2012/04.
  • No. 05:  Philipp, Damian; Stachowiak, Jaroslaw; Dürr, Frank; Rothermel, Kurt: Towards Optimized Public Sensing Systems using Data-driven Models, Technical Report No. 2012/05.
  • No. 06:  Koch, Gerald G.; Koldehofe, Boris; Rothermel, Kurt: Quality-aware Event Correlation Detection, Technical Report No. 2012/06.
  • No. 2359:  Hoos, Eva: Complex Event Processing in the Cloud, Technical Report No. 2012/2359.

Year 2011

  • No. 01:  Görlach, Katharina; Kopp, Oliver; Leymann, Frank; Schumm, David; Strauch, Steve: WS-BPEL Extension for Compliance Fragments (BPEL4CFrags), Version 1.0, Technical Report No. 2011/01.
  • No. 02:  Kufleitner, Manfred; Lauser, Alexander: Cantor Topologies for Finite Words, Technical Report No. 2011/02.
  • No. 03:  Kufleitner, Manfred; Lauser, Alexander: Around Dot-depth One, Technical Report No. 2011/03.
  • No. 04:  Schumm, David; Latuske, Gregor; Leymann, Frank: A Prototype for View-based Monitoring of BPEL Processes, Technical Report No. 2011/04.
  • No. 05:  Fehling, Christoph; Leymann, Frank; Mietzner, Ralph; Schupeck, Walter: A Collection of Patterns for Cloud Types, Cloud Service Models, and Cloud-based Application Architectures, Technical Report No. 2011/05.
  • No. 06:  Schumm, David; Karastoyanova, Dimka; Leymann, Frank; Lie, Sumadi: Propagation of States from BPEL Process Instances to Chevron Models, Technical Report No. 2011/06.
  • No. 07:  Kopp, Oliver; Henke, Sebastian; Karastoyanova, Dimka; Khalaf, Rania; Leymann, Frank; Sonntag, Mirko; Steinmetz, Thomas; Unger, Tobias; Wetzstein, Branimir: An Event Model for WS-BPEL 2.0, Technical Report No. 2011/07.
  • No. 08:  Heinrich, Julian; Luo, Yuan; Kirkpatrick, Arthur E.; Zhang, Hao; Weiskopf, Daniel: Evaluation of a Bundling Technique for Parallel Coordinates, Technical Report No. 2011/08.

Year 2010

  • No. 01:  Dartois, Luc; Kufleitner, Manfred; Lauser, Alexander: Rankers over Infinite Words, Technical Report No. 2010/01.
  • No. 02:  Kopecki, Steffen: On the Iterated Hairpin Completion, Technical Report No. 2010/02.
  • No. 03:  Kufleitner, Manfred; Lauser, Alexander: Partially Ordered Two-way Büchi Automata, Technical Report No. 2010/03.
  • No. 04:  Diekert, Volker; Kopecki, Steffen: Complexity Results and the Growths of Hairpin Completions of Regular Languages, Technical Report No. 2010/04.
  • No. 05:  Lewandowski, Stefan: Shortest Paths and Negative Cycle Detection in Graphs with Negative Weights - I: The Bellman-Ford-Moore Algorithm Revisited, Technical Report No. 2010/05.
  • No. 06:  Hoffmann, Benjamin: Comparison of Standard and Zipf-Based Document Retrieval Heuristics, Technical Report No. 2010/06.
  • No. 07:  Mancioppi, Michele; Danylevych, Olha; Papazoglou, Mike P.; Leymann, Frank: A Language-Agnostic Framework for the Analysis of the Syntactic Structure of Process Fragments, Technical Report No. 2010/07.
  • No. 08:  Kallas, Jakub; Kufleitner, Manfred; Lauser, Alexander: First-order Fragments with Successor over Infinite Words, Technical Report No. 2010/08.
  • No. 09:  Burkovski, Andre; Heidemann, Gunther; Hamidreza, Kobdani; Schütze, Hinrich: Methods for Coreference Visualization and Annotation, Technical Report No. 2010/09.
  • No. 3043:  Gabb, Michael: Hierarchische Klassifikation von Fahrzeugsichten, Technical Report No. 2010/3043.

Year 2009

  • No. 01:  Iron, Rolf; Kopp, Oliver; Leiner, Andreas; Leymann, Frank; Massuthe, Peter: Abschlussbericht des Verbundprojekts Tools4BPEL, Technical Report No. 2009/01.
  • No. 02:  Fouz, Mahmoud; Kufleitner, Manfred; Manthey, Bodo; Zeini Jahromi, Nima: On Smoothed Analysis of Quicksort and Hoare's Find, Technical Report No. 2009/02.
  • No. 03:  Staiger-Stöhr, Stefan: Implementing Sparse Flow-Sensitive Andersen Analysis, Technical Report No. 2009/03.
  • No. 04:  Diekert, Volker; Kufleitner, Manfred: Fragments of first-order logic over infinite words, Technical Report No. 2009/04.

Year 2008

  • No. 01:  Mietzner, Ralph: Using Variability Descriptors to Describe Customizable SaaS Application Templates, Technical Report No. 2008/01.
  • No. 02:  Kopp, Oliver; Wetzstein, Branimir; Mietzner, Ralph; Unger, Tobias; Pottinger, Stefan; Karastoyanova, Dimka; Michael, Sabine; Leymann, Frank: A Model-Driven Approach to Implementing Coordination Protocols in BPEL, Technical Report No. 2008/02.
  • No. 03:  Karastoyanova, Dimka; van Lessen, Tammo; Leymann, Frank; Nitzsche, Jörg; Wutke, Daniel: WS-BPEL Extension for Semantic Web Services (BPEL4SWS), Version 1.0, Technical Report No. 2008/03.
  • No. 04:  Wutke, Daniel; Martin, Daniel; Leymann, Frank: Triple Space Binding for Web Services, Technical Report No. 2008/04.
  • No. 05:  Wetzstein, Branimir; Strauch, Steve; Majdik, Petra; Leymann, Frank: Modeling and Monitoring Process Performance Metrics of BPEL Processes, Technical Report No. 2008/05.
  • No. 06:  Kopp, Oliver; Mietzner, Ralph; Leymann, Frank: Abstract Syntax of WS-BPEL 2.0, Technical Report No. 2008/06.
  • No. 07:  Reimann, Peter; Kopp, Oliver; Decker, Gero; Leymann, Frank: Generating WS-BPEL 2.0 Processes from a Grounded BPEL4Chor Choreography, Technical Report No. 2008/07.
  • External:  Wieland, Matthias; Martin, Daniel; Kopp, Oliver; Leymann, Frank: Events Make Workflows Really Useful, External Technical Report, 2008.
  • External:  Scharf, M.; Floyd, S.; Sarolahti, P.: TCP Flow Control for Fast Startup Schemes: draft-scharf-tcpm-flow-control-quick-start-00.txt (Submitted as Internet-Draft to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)), External Technical Report, 2008.
  • External:  Welzl, M.; Papadimitriou, D.; Scharf, M.; Briscoe, B.: Open Research Issues in Internet Congestion Control: draft-irtf-iccrg-welzl-congestion-control-open-research-01.txt (Submitted as Internet-Draft to the Internet Research Task Force (IRTF), 2008), External Technical Report, 2008.

Year 2007

  • No. 01:  Khalaf, Rania; Leymann, Frank: Coordination Protocols for Split BPEL Loops and Scopes, Technical Report No. 2007/01.
  • No. 02:  Khalaf, Rania: Note on Syntactic Details of Split BPEL-D Business Processes, Technical Report No. 2007/02.
  • No. 03:  Staiger, Stefan; Vogel, Gunther; Keul, Steffen; Wiebe, Eduard: Interprocedural Static Single Assignment Form in Bauhaus, Technical Report No. 2007/03.
  • No. 04:  Kopp, Oliver; Khalaf, Rania; Leymann, Frank: Reaching Definitions Analysis Respecting Dead Path Elimination Semantics in BPEL Processes, Technical Report No. 2007/04.
  • No. 05:  Kufleitner, Manfred: A Proof of the Factorization Forest Theorem, Technical Report No. 2007/05.
  • External:  Scharf, M.; Floyd, S.; Sarolahti, P.: Avoiding Interactions of Quick-Start TCP and Flow Control: draft-scharf-tsvwg-quick-start-flow-control-01.txt (Submitted as Internet-Draft to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)), External Technical Report, 2007.
  • External:  Scharf, M.; Floyd, S.; Sarolathi, P.: Avoiding Interactions of Quick-Start TCP and Flow Control: draft-scharf-tsvwg-quick-start-flow-control-01.txt (Submitted as Internet-Draft to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)), External Technical Report, 2007.

Year 2006

  • No. 01:  König, Barbara; Kozioura, Vitali: Counterexample-guided Abstraction Refinement for the Analysis of Graph Transformation Systems, Technical Report No. 2006/01.
  • No. 02:  Esparza, Javier; Kiefer, Stefan; Schwoon, Stefan: Abstraction Refinement with Craig Interpolation and Symbolic Pushdown Systems, Technical Report No. 2006/02.
  • No. 03:  Kufleitner, Manfred: Polynomials, Fragments of Temporal Logic and the Variety DA over Traces, Technical Report No. 2006/03.
  • No. 04:  Göller, Stefan; Lohrey, Markus: Infinite State Model-Checking of Propositional Dynamic Logics, Technical Report No. 2006/04.
  • No. 05:  Leymann, Frank: Space-based Computing and Semantics: A Web Service Purist's Point-Of-View, Technical Report No. 2006/05.
  • No. 06:  Horsch, Martin; Kufleitner, Manfred: The Expressive Power of Simple Logical Fragments over Traces, Technical Report No. 2006/06.
  • No. 07:  Marrón, Pedro José (Hrsg.): 5. GI/ITG KuVS Fachgespräch "Drahtlose Sensornetze", Technical Report No. 2006/07.
  • No. 08:  Blatt, Markus; Bastian, Peter: The Iterative Solver Template Library (ISTL), Technical Report No. 2006/08.
  • No. 09:  Suwimonteerabuth, Dejvuth; Schwoon, Stefan; Esparza, Javier: Efficient Algorithms for Alternating Pushdown Systems: Application to Certificate Chain Discovery with Threshold Subjects, Technical Report No. 2006/09.
  • No. 10:  Karastoyanova, Dimka; Khalaf, Rania; Schroth, Ralf; Paluszek, Michael; Leymann, Frank: BPEL Event Model, Technical Report No. 2006/10.
  • External:  Gloss, B.: Non-Stationarity of Walker Movability in Random Walk Mobility Models, External Technical Report, 2006.
  • External:  Kiesel, S.; Scharf, M.; Beutel, S.; Ruschival, T.: Performance Measurement of SIMCO over TCP and SCTP, External Technical Report, 2006.

Year 2005

  • No. 01:  Lohrey, Markus: Model-Checking Hierarchical Structures, Technical Report No. 2005/01.
  • No. 02:  Lohrey, Markus; Ondrusch, Nicole: Inverse monoids: decidability and complexity of algebraic questions, Technical Report No. 2005/02.
  • No. 04:  Göller, Stefan; Lohrey, Markus: Fixpoint logics on hierarchical structures, Technical Report No. 2005/04.
  • No. 05:  Stegmaier, Simon; Klein, Thomas; Strengert, Magnus; Ertl, Thomas: The Design and Implementation of a Presentation System for Interactive 3D Graphics Applications, Technical Report No. 2005/05.
  • No. 06:  Bouajjani, Ahmed; Esparza, Javier; Schwoon, Stefan; Strejcek, Jan: Reachability analysis of multithreaded software with asynchronous communication, Technical Report No. 2005/06.
  • No. 07:  Lohrey, Markus; Kuske, Dietrich: First-order and counting theories of omega-automatic structures, Technical Report No. 2005/07.
  • No. 08:  Rantzau, Ralf; Mangold, Christoph: Laws for Rewriting Queries Containing Division Operators, Technical Report No. 2005/08.
  • No. 09:  Scheibler, Thorsten; Leymann, Frank: Realizing Enterprise Integration Patterns in WebSphere, Technical Report No. 2005/09.

Year 2004

  • No. 01:  Ehrig, Hartmut; König, Barbara: Deriving Bisimulation Congruences in the DPO Approach to Graph Rewriting (Long Version), Technical Report No. 2004/01.
  • No. 02:  Bauer, Martin: Event Management for Mobile Users, Technical Report No. 2004/02.
  • No. 04:  Bauer, Martin; Dürr, Frank; Geiger, Jan; Grossmann, Matthias; Hönle, Nicola; Joswig, Jean; Nicklas, Daniela; Schwarz, Thomas: Information Management and Exchange in the Nexus Platform, Technical Report No. 2004/04.
  • No. 05:  Heljanko, Keijo; Stefanescu, Alin: Complexity results for checking distributed implementability, Technical Report No. 2004/05.
  • No. 06:  Schwoon, Stefan; Esparza, Javier: A Note on On-The-Fly Verification Algorithms, Technical Report No. 2004/06.
  • No. 07:  Arbter, Bruno; Drosdol, Tobias; Dürr, Frank; Großmann, Matthias; Hönle, Nicola; Volz, Steffen: Das Nexus Relationen- und Topologiekonzept, Technical Report No. 2004/07.
  • No. 08:  Dotti, Fernando Luis; König, Barbara; Marchi do Santos, Osmar; Ribeiro, Leila: A Case Study: Verifying a Mutual Exclusion Protocol with Process Creation using Graph Transformation Systems, Technical Report No. 2004/08.

Year 2003

  • No. 01:  Ruffner, Christoph; Marrón, Pedro José; Rothermel, Kurt: An Enhanced Application Model for Scheduling in Grid Environments, Technical Report No. 2003/01.

Year 2002

  • No. 01:  Tian, Jing; Stepanov, Illya; Rothermel, Kurt: Spatial Aware Geographic Forwarding for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, Technical Report No. 2002/01.
  • No. 02:  Herrscher, Daniel; Rothermel, Kurt: A Dynamic Network Scenario Emulation Tool, Technical Report No. 2002/02.
  • No. 03:  Mesina, Marian: ASN und die relationalen Datenbanken (Realisierungsaspekte), Technical Report No. 2002/03.
  • No. 04:  Rothermel, Kurt; Becker, Christian; Hähner, Jörg: Consistent Update Diffusion in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, Technical Report No. 2002/04.
  • No. 06:  Lagally, Klaus; Rzehak, Lutz: Ein Satz von Komponenten zur nachhaltigen Verwaltung und Umwandlung von frei formatierten Woerterbuchdaten, Technical Report No. 2002/06.
  • No. 07:  Rotard, Martin; Schweikhardt, Waltraud; Ertl, Thomas: Verwendung von Scalable Vector Graphics und MathML in web-basierten Lernumgebungen, Technical Report No. 2002/07.
  • No. 08:  Weiskopf, Daniel; Ertl, Thomas: A Depth-Cueing Scheme Based on Linear Transformations in Tristimulus Space, Technical Report No. 2002/08.
  • No. 09:  Papesch, Matthias; Burger, Cora: ProDuctivE - A Promela driven constructivist environment to learn security protocols, Technical Report No. 2002/09.

Year 2001

  • No. 01:  Leonhardi, Alexander; Rothermel, Kurt: Architecture of a Large-scale Location Service, Technical Report No. 2001/01.
  • No. 02:  Schwarz, Holger; Wagner, Ralf; Mitschang, Bernhard: Improving the Processing of Decision Support Queries: Strategies for a DSS Optimizer, Technical Report No. 2001/02.
  • No. 03:  Maihöfer, Christian; Rothermel, Kurt: A Delay Analysis of Tree-based Reliable Multicast Protocols, Technical Report No. 2001/03.
  • No. 04:  Coschurba, Peter: Adressierung und Semantik von geographischen Nachrichten, Technical Report No. 2001/04.
  • No. 05:  Coschurba, Peter; Rothermel, Kurt: A Fine-Grained Addressing Concept for GeoCast, Technical Report No. 2001/05.
  • No. 06:  Leibe, B.; Hetzel, G.; Levi, P.: Local Feature Histograms for Object Recognition from Range Images, Technical Report No. 2001/06.
  • No. 07:  Burger, Cora; Papakosta, Stella; Rothermel, Kurt: Application sharing in teaching context with wireless networks, Technical Report No. 2001/07.
  • No. 08:  Hopf, Matthias; Ertl, Thomas: Parallelizing Sparse Grid Volume Visualization with Implicit Preview and Load Balancing, Technical Report No. 2001/08.
  • No. 09:  Leonhardi, Alexander; Nicu, Christian; Rothermel, Kurt: A Map-based Dead-reckoning Protocol for Updating Location Information, Technical Report No. 2001/09.
  • No. 10:  Diekert, Volker; Lohrey, Markus: Existential and Positive Theories of Equations in Graph Products, Technical Report No. 2001/10.

Year 2000

  • No. 01:  Buchholz, Friedhelm; Wagner, Frank: Erfahrungen mit dem System TROSS beim DRK, Technical Report No. 2000/01.
  • No. 02:  Dragosch, Alexander; Fried, Andreas; Langer, Berno; Schenk, Bodo; Tobisch, Martin; Harm, Oliver; Tögel, Roland; Benkart, Sascha; Ellinger, Sebastian; Schneider, Sören; Elias, Thomas; Costa, Robert: Endbericht des Studienprojekts Fahrplanoptimierung, Technical Report No. 2000/02.
  • No. 03:  Hohl, Fritz: A Framework to Protect Mobile Agents by Using Reference States, Technical Report No. 2000/03.
  • No. 04:  Hohl, Fritz; Baumann, Joachim; Rothermel, Kurt; Schwehm, Markus; Straßer, Markus; Theilmann, Wolfgang: AIDA II - Abschlußbericht, Technical Report No. 2000/04.
  • No. 05:  Leonhardi, Alexander; Rothermel, Kurt: A Comparison of Protocols for Updating Location Information, Technical Report No. 2000/05.
  • No. 06:  Kubach, Uwe; Rothermel, Kurt: A Context-Aware Hoarding Mechanism for Location-Dependent Information Systems, Technical Report No. 2000/06.
  • No. 07:  Schäfer, Dirk (Hrsg.); Roller, Dieter (Hrsg.): Bericht zum Seminar über Elektro-CAD (Sommersemester 2000), Technical Report No. 2000/07.
  • No. 08:  Nicklas, Daniela; Mitarbeiter der Forschergruppe Nexus: Final Report of Design Workshop, Technical Report No. 2000/08.

Year 1999

  • No. 01:  Kubach, Uwe; Leonhardi, Alexander; Rothermel, Kurt; Schwehm, Markus: Analysis of Distribution Schemes for the Management of Location Information, Technical Report No. 1999/01.
  • No. 02:  Hohl, Fritz; Kubach, Uwe; Leonhardi, Alexander; Rothermel, Kurt; Schwehm, Markus: Nexus - An Open Global Infrastructure for Spatial-Aware Applications, Technical Report No. 1999/02.
  • No. 03:  Kindler, Thomas; Kulendik, Ottokar; Rothermel, Kurt; Schneider, Kerstin; Siebert, Reiner; Soyez, Tobias: PoliFlow Abschlußbericht, Technical Report No. 1999/03.
  • No. 04:  Wirag, Stefan: Specification and Scheduling of Adaptive Multimedia Documents, Technical Report No. 1999/04.
  • No. 05:  Lohrey, Markus; ,: Complexity Results for Confluence Problems, Technical Report No. 1999/05.
  • No. 06:  Straßer, Markus; Baumann, Joachim; Schwehm, Markus: An Agent-Based Framework for the Transparent Distribution of Computations, Technical Report No. 1999/06.
  • No. 07:  Rothermel, Kurt; Maihöfer, Christian: A Robust and Efficient Mechanism for Constructing Multicast Acknowledgment Trees, Technical Report No. 1999/07.
  • No. 08:  Theilmann, Wolfgang; Rothermel, Kurt: Dynamic Distance Maps of the Internet, Technical Report No. 1999/08.
  • No. 09:  Hohl, Fritz: A Protocol to Detect Malicious Hosts Attacks by Using Reference States, Technical Report No. 1999/09.
  • No. 10:  Straßer, Markus; Rothermel, Kurt: System Mechanisms for Partial Rollback of Mobile Agent Execution, Technical Report No. 1999/10.
  • No. 11:  Baumann, Joachim: A Comparison of Mechanisms for Locating Mobile Agents, Technical Report No. 1999/11.
  • No. 12:  Oswald, N.; Levi, P.: A Framework for Cooperative Object Recognition, Technical Report No. 1999/12.
  • No. 14:  Oswald, N.; Lafrenz, R.; Levi, P.: Kooperative Bildverarbeitung und Lokalisierung in einem Team von Robotern, Technical Report No. 1999/14.
  • No. 15:  Maihöfer, Christian; Rothermel, Kurt: Constructing Height-Balanced Multicast Acknowledgment Trees with the Token Repository Service, Technical Report No. 1999/15.

Year 1998

  • No. 01:  Petersen, Holger: Formal Languages, Automata and Petri-Nets, Technical Report No. 1998/01.
  • No. 02:  Diekert, Volker: Makanin's Algorithm for Solving Word Equations with Regular Constraints, Technical Report No. 1998/02.
  • No. 03:  Hohl, Fritz; Baumann, Joachim; Rothermel, Kurt; Schwehm, Markus; Strasser, Markus: AIDA I - Abschlussbericht, Technical Report No. 1998/03.
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Year 1997

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Year 1996

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Year 1995

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Year 1994

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Year 1993

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Year 1992

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Year 1991

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Year 1990

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Year 1989

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