Bachelor Thesis BCLR-0006

BibliographyBecher, Michael: Interactive Volume Visualization with WebGl.
University of Stuttgart, Faculty of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Information Technology, Bachelor Thesis No. 06 (2012).
153 pages, english.
CR-SchemaI.3 (Computer Graphics)
H.3.5 (Online Information Services)

Web-based applications have become increasingly popular in many areas and advances in web-based 3D graphics were made accordingly. In this context, we present a web based implementation of volume rendering using the relatively new WebGL API for interactive 3D graphics. An overview of the theoretical background of volume rendering as well as of the common approaches for a GPU implementation is given, followed by detailed description of our implementation with WebGL. Afterwards the implementation of advanced features is covered, before a short introduction to X3DOM, as a possible alternative for web based volume visualization, is given. It is the aim of this work to incorporate both basic and advanced methods of volume rendering and to achieve interactive framerates with WebGL, using the power of client-side graphics hardware. With regard to that, the result of our implementation is discussed by evaluating its performance and by comparing it to an alternative solution. Finally, we draw a conclusion of our work and point out possible future work and improvements.

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Department(s)University of Stuttgart, Institute of Visualisation and Interactive Systems, Visualisation and Interactive Systems
Superviser(s)Karch, Grzegorz K.; Mwalongo, Finian
Entry dateNovember 9, 2012
   Publ. Computer Science