Diploma Thesis DIP-2741

BibliographyMonakova, Ganna: Ontology Based Partner Service Discovery Using a First-Order Logic Representation for BPEL Process Models.
University of Stuttgart, Faculty of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Information Technology, Diploma Thesis No. 2741 (2008).
121 pages, english.
CR-SchemaD.2.4 (Software Engineering Software/Program Verification)
D.2.12 (Software Engineering Interoperability)
D.2.13 (Software Engineering Reusable Software)
F.3.1 (Specifying and Verifying and Reasoning about Programs)
H.4.1 (Office Automation)
I.2.4 (Knowledge Representation Formalisms and Methods)
H.2.1 (Database Management Logical Design)
KeywordsBPEL; dataflow analysis; web service composition; SMT; semantic web services

This work introduces an approach for an automatic partner service discovery with respect to the exchange data values. For this purpose a BPEL process model is analyzed and its semantic is simulated with logical assertions. Thereby the problem of behavioral compatibility is reduced to an SMT problem. The diploma thesis considers the following questions: What kind of information is important for the communication between two web services? How can this information be derived from an arbitrary process (in this case a business process modeled in BPEL), and how its communication protocol can be determined? How can it be represented in the repository? How can a business process use such information to find a communication compatible partner?

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Department(s)University of Stuttgart, Institute of Architecture of Application Systems
Entry dateApril 16, 2008
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