Article in Proceedings INPROC-2016-28

BibliographySungur, C. Timurhan; Breitenbücher, Uwe; Kopp, Oliver; Leymann, Frank; Song, Mozi; Weiß, Andreas; Mayr-Dorn, Christoph; Dustdar, Schahram: Identifying Relevant Resources and Relevant Capabilities of Collaborations - A Case Study.
In: Proceedings of the 2016 IEEE 20th International Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Workshop (EDOCW).
University of Stuttgart, Faculty of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Information Technology.
pp. 352-355, english.
IEEE Computer Society, September 2016.
Article in Proceedings (Demonstration).
CR-SchemaH.4.1 (Office Automation)
H.3.3 (Information Search and Retrieval)
H.3.4 (Information Storage and Retrieval Systems and Software)
H.5.3 (Group and Organization Interfaces)
KeywordsOrganizational performance; resource discovery; capability discovery; relevant resources; relevant capabilities; informal processes; unstructured processes

Organizational processes involving collaborating resources, such as development processes, innovation processes, and decision-making processes, typically affect the performance of many organizations. Moreover, including required but missing, resources and capabilities of collaborations can improve the performance of corresponding processes drastically. In this work, we demonstrate the extended Informal Process Execution (InProXec) method for identifying resources and capabilities of collaborations using a case study on the Apache jclouds project.

Department(s)University of Stuttgart, Institute of Parallel and Distributed Systems, Applications of Parallel and Distributed Systems
University of Stuttgart, Institute of Architecture of Application Systems
Entry dateSeptember 14, 2016
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