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This page contains some information on evolutionary computation which you might find useful. Evolutionary computation (EC) encompasses genetic algorithms (GA), evolution strategies (ES), evolutionary programming (EP), genetic programming (GP), and classifier systems (CS). These pages are part of the WWW site of the department of formal concepts in the computer science faculty of the University of Stuttgart. Any comments, additions, or notifications of broken links can be sent to the maintainer of the page.

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Online Bibliography on Evolutionary Computation

Glossary on Evolutionary Computation

This is under construction, but will contain keywords as: genetic algorithm, GA, evolutionary computation, EC, evolutionary programming, EP, genetic programming, GP, evolution strategy, ES, evolutionary algorithm, softcomputing, evolutionary design, molecular computing, DNA computing, particle swarms, ant colonies, mutation operator, crossover, recombination operator, adaptation, self-adaptation, selection, fitness proportional, representation, etc.

Evolutionary Computation in Stuttgart

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