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unilogo University of Stuttgart 
Institute of Formal Methods in Computer Science

Division of Theoretical Computer Science

Dr. rer. nat. Steffen Kopecki
Scientific Assistant
Kanada Currently in Canada


Formal Language Theory of Hairpin Formations
[OPUS] [Talk (German)]


L. Kari, S. Kopecki, S. Seki. Iterated Hairpin Completions of Non-crossing Words.
Submitted, 2011.

L. Kari, S. Kopecki, S. Seki. On the Regularity of Iterated Hairpin Completion of a Single Word.
Accepted by Fundamenta Informaticae, 2011.

V. Diekert, S. Kopecki. It is NL-complete to Decide Whether a Hairpin Completion of Regular Languages Is Regular.
Accepted by IJFCS, 2011.

S. Kopecki. On Iterated Hairpin Completion.
In Theoretical Computer Science, volume 412, issue 29, pages 3629–3638, 2011.
[ScienceDirect] [arXiv:1010.3640v3]

S. Kopecki. On the Iterated Hairpin Completion (Extended Abstract).
In Y. Gao, H. Lu, S. Seki, and S. Yu (editors), 14th Developments in Language Theory, volume 6224 of LNCS, pages 438–439. Springer, 2010.
[Technical Report] [Poster] [Springer]

V. Diekert and S. Kopecki. Complexity Results and the Growths of Hairpin Completions of Regular Languages (Extended Abstract).
In M. Domaratzki and K. Salomaa (editors), Implementation and Application of Automata - 15th International Conference, CIAA 2010, volume 6482 of LNCS, pages 105–114. Springer, 2011.
[Technical Report] [Springer]

V. Diekert, S. Kopecki, and V. Mitrana. On the Hairpin Completion of Regular Languages.
In M. Leucker and C. Morgan (editors), 6th International Colloquium on Theoretical Aspects of Computing, volume 5684 of LNCS, pages 170–184. Springer, 2009.


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