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ArabTeX: multilingual computer typesetting


ArabTeX is a system for computer based typesetting of texts in the Roman script, which may contain insertions in some right-to-left script as Arabic and Hebrew. It is based on the typesetting package TeX by D. E. Knuth, and optionally on its extension LaTeX.

ArabTeX has been implemented using the internal macro programming language of TeX; thus it will run without changes on any computer system where TeX is installed. ArabTeX uses its own fonts, which have been designed and built using METAFONT, and which are supplied as part of the package.

An input file for ArabTeX is, as with TeX and LaTeX, an ordinary text file containing additional markup for Arabic or Hebrew insertions. We provide a standard notation for these insertions that has been modelled after the scientific transliteration (ZDMG style). In addition, several other common encodings (e.g., ASMO 449, ISO 8859-6, Windows CP-1256, UTF-8, etc.) are supported.

ArabTeX is constantly being maintained and extended. For scientific uses it may be downloaded for free from our FTP server, and also from the CTAN network.

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Author: Klaus Lagally, last changes: 11.12.2008